Ziess Ikon Circa 1965 (+-)

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  1. Hi There. Please would someone provide me with some information on a Ziess Ikon as oer picture attached. I came across this in a antique furniture store in my home town in Cape Town South Africa. The camera is in good condition, as are all the attachments, operation manuals and casings. The package came complete with leather bag and tripod of equal or similar date. Please would you suggest a value to this package in dollars, I can then convert to local currency. Your feedback will be appreciated. Kind regards Paul Hofman
  2. That's a Contaflex Super. I have, and use an earlier version the IV. It's really a very nice
    camera. Well built.

    You can get a manual for your camera here: http://www.urmonas.net/manuals/contaflex-
  3. You could do the research yourself. I suggest Google and that online auction site.
  4. Hi Gene

    Thanks. I thought I would approach those who are not influenced by profit but rather, passion and attributable knowledge. I will check out E-Bay, but as I said, pricing there can be a bit misleading.

  5. Knock down the value some if the meter doesn't work properly, and if any of the lenses show delamination around the edges (areas looking a little like puddles of spilled oil). Also check the low speeds to make sure they all work. I bought my Contaflex Super, similar to yours, with non working meter and a delaminated but quite functional 35/4 Pro Tessar lens at a local repair shop for $10 (US). I gather that you're more interested in buying the camera than selling it, so I'm just suggesting a couple of things to look for.

    It's beautifully made, but I'm told it's difficult to repair if something does go wrong. It makes good pictures - or at least it would if the right person were behind it.
  6. Pricing on Ebay is not misleading. It's what people actually pay for things. It's the best guide there is. Of course, don't base your estimations on a single auction but on the average of many.
  7. mckeown's 2002 has that camera listed at $90-$130 US dollars but that is for a normal range all parts working..."very common" "1959-1962"
    Contaflex Super
  8. When I was in college and using a Waltz Envoy, cheap Japanese RF with fixed Nikon lens, I saw some slides projected at a friends home from a trip to Europe.

    I could see the pics were different than mine, but could not understand why.

    I now know Zeiss and Leica lenses are different than the stuff from the far east.

    There are two auxillary lenses that replace the front cell of elements of the fixed fifty. Probably a 35 and either 85 or 115mm conversion and a monocular

    The light meter most like has a dead cell by now and can`t be fixed. The shutter is likely to be sticky, but that is repairable.

    There were also close up Proxars made for it.

    A good camera if somewhat limiting in use.
  9. I've seen those cameras go unsold in Jhb for ZAR 300 (2, both with lazy diaphragm) and ZAR 1100 (bad shutter). The later ones are apparently risky to buy because of those problems. The highveld repairmen had no problem fixing them, but it cost as much as the camera. I've also seen the film backs for them go unsold for months.

    However, I would think those lenses would be a valuable acquisition for anyone who has a working contaflex. I think you have a very nice lot of photographic gear. Any price indication is likely to be misleading, especially if you sell them in the domestic market, which is a bit illiquid and has wildly varying prices for any given piece of gear.

    I hope you get a lekker fat price for the lot.

  10. Hi Mark

    Thanks for that very local input. Good to read your response and relate it to home linguistics. "Lekker" is just a word that says so much in so few letters. Please will you send me your deatils, to paul@paulhofman.co.za

    Are you related to Sean Wilson in Cape Town by any chance. Yes, I knopw it is like one of thise questions, "So you are from South Africa, do you know...."

  11. This camera is about $93 - $120 according to http://photoinf.com/Tools/Prices/Zeiss%20Ikon.html

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