Zenzanon 40mm E vs 40mm PE

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by jt99|1, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. As I am seriously considering finding a 40mm lens for my Bronica
    ETRSi, I`d like to hear what ETRSi users may have heard, e.g. is the
    PE version that much better than its predecessor? Looking through UK
    ads, second-hand prices indicate an extra £150 for the PE.

    "Cityscapes", individual buildings & architectural features thereof
    in mind.
  2. James,

    I have the PE 40mm lens which is great. I also have the older
    versions of the 75mm and the 150mm and they are both great.
    The only advantage I notice on the PE lens is that it has half stop
    apeture clicks

    Jeff Montgomery
  3. Thanks Jeff...

    but I since found this in the discussion forum:
    <Obviously, the PE is a redesign by Bronica and is supposed to be sharper, specificly edge to edge. I have also heard (on another thread somewhere) that the wide angle PE lens' were particularly impoved over the MC line (75mm and less), but that the 150mm was not significantly improved (aside from the 1/2 stop aperture increments).>

    Seems as though I must save up for the 4Omm PE, then :-(
  4. James,

    I recently sold my ETRS kit. The 40mm was my favourite lens and nearly all my photographs were taken on this lens. I suppose I have 100 or so 12x16 Cibachromes from this lens (I had the normal E type) were of sufficent quality not to have to worry about the lens quality. So if you can only afford the E type then I would thouroughly recomment it. In fact all the later lenses I purchased were also E / MC rather than PE so I had a uniform selection (with some cost savings).

    Having said this, I have read a couple of reviews from respected photographers who all state that the PE is a complete re-design and it is better than the E. So if you can afford the extra cost it is theoretically better (but I bet you won't tell the difference).

    An invaluable accessory with this lens is a hot-shoe mounted spirit level. If you are buying I can state now that the lens is OK with P size filter holders and standard UV filters with no vignetting.

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