ZENIT E - Film advance lever stuck.

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  1. Don't laugh just because I have the Zenit E, and still love it. It was my first slr. It is in mint condition and I still used it occasionally until recently, when I managed to jam the film advance lever. There was no film in, and I was 'exercising' the shutter and winder. At the time I also had a cable release fitted into the shutter release button, and that was when the problem reared its head.
    I have seen Tom Tiger's site and tried his remedy, - turning the shutter release button. No success. Tried using the delay timer, but again no success. I have had the bottom plate off and also tried his suggestion re pulling on the black lever. Still no joy.
    As regards taking off the top plate, I think that may be a bit too advanced for me. Professional repair ? - too costly when compared with prices for a Zenit E on the bay.
    So if anyone has a quick and simple remedy I would be more than grateful.
  2. Subbarayan may help. Zenit E is same as Zorki-6. Actually if you google "Mazenberg" it will bring links to the universal repair manual for all old Soviet mechanical cameras. I do not know if there is an English translation anywhere...But there are bunch of people in Russia and Ukraine that could fix it for rather reasonable price. This gentlemen http://rangefinder.ru/club/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=17 his mane is Yuri he is in Ukraine understands English and he is exceptionally good
  3. Fred, nobody is laughing. You'd be surprised what some of us use.
  4. I've been watching this, hoping that somebody would provide the sort of information Kozma has.
    Good luck to you. My Zenit EM is still going strong, along with my other old Soviet cameras.
    Back in the old days, these were cameras of "iron" built for men of "steel", so to speak. :)
  5. There is an English version of Maizenberg's book, available for free download on the web. I don't have the link right now.
    I also have a Zenith E given by a friend. It has the same problem as above. I was not successful with the dis-assembly. I find the early Feds and Zorkis easier to repair. sp.
  6. Download maizenberg-cameras1.pdf with findthatpdf.com
    Contents : Isaak S. Maizenberg All You Need to Know About Design and Repair o f Russian Cameras A Collector9sand Repairman's Handbook C o p y r i g h t O 1996 by ...
    www.findthatpdf.com/search-78529136-hPDF/download-documents-maizenberg-cameras1.pdf.htm You may want to try the above site. Some times they work! sp.

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