Zeiss Taxo 9x12 cm--which holder?

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  1. Oh man, I haven't posted on this forum forever...
    Recently I inherited a small collection of cameras from...let's see...I believe it was my parents' neighbor. Some interesting things in there--among them was a Zeiss Taxo 126/7. This is a 9x12 cm camera with a f/6.3 Novar--nothing too fancy, but I've never owned a large(ish) format camera before, and it was free, so...naturally I want to try it.
    I see that my local camera store carries Fomapan 9x12 film, so that's good. But--of course this thing came without film holders. I see a number of 9x12 holders on the bay, but...is there any way to know if they will fit? Does anybody know which one(s) I should look for? I assume I don't want a plate holder. Yeah, I know I can get a rollfilm back, but I'd rather try sheet film...never had the chance before.
  2. First of all, Zeiss made holders for 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inch film as well as 9cm x12cm film. Secondly Zeiss made single shot holders with a knife edge all the was around and also with a squared edge. These holders do not interchange. You now have a treasure hunt to determine the size film and the type of holder. Study the grooves that the holders need to slide into. The knife edge grooves are tightly squeezed the squared ones are wider. I do hope my explanation is clear and good luck with your quest.
  3. Yikes, okay. I believe (judging by the ground glass, anyway) that this takes the knife-edge type. Thanks, I'll keep an eye out.
  4. This may be of help......
  5. Eli, I did a little searching on Google and found an eBay listing for a 9x12cm Taxo that included two Zeiss 665/7 plate holders. So hopefully yours takes the same size--and you're in luck: this is the most common type of the many 9x12cm plate/film holders. The Ica/Zeiss Maximar, the Voigtlander Avus and Kodak/Nagel Recomar all use this holder's dimension.
    I've several of these 9x12cm cameras, and the best holders IMO are the "Kodak" branded ones. They can be used with either glass plates or cut film. Most of the other holders are for glass plates and require an extra sheath to adapt them for sheet film.
    Also, you might want to look around for a Jobo 2521 developing tank with a 2509 reel. This combo will allow you to develop six sheets of 4x5 or 9x12cm sheet film. Most users use rotary processing with it, but I fill up the tank with 1.5 liters of solution and agitate by slowly inverting the tank twice a minute with both hands, and get fairly consistent results.
  6. Leigh:
    Thanks very much, this is very helpful--I saw that Taxo on ebay and considered bidding for it just for the holders, but then it occurred to me that those might all be plate holders--and I'm not sure I want to deal with tracking down a sheath to adapt them.
    I think I'll just hold out for the Kodak holders, as you suggest. Would these be the Kodak Recomar 33 holders, like they're talking about here?
    I will also look out for the Jobo tank, yeah--I sort of assumed that I'd tray develop in the dark, but a tank would be great.
  7. Yes, if your camera will fit a Zeiss 665/7 holder, those Kodak holders should fit also. The 9x12cm Kodak holders are fairly
    common. FWIW, the made-in-Germany Kodak holders are black, and the made-in-US holders are yellow.

    On eBay the Jobo 2521 tanks are really getting pricey; over $100 typically. But as now most darkroom gear is sadly semi-obsolete, I've managed to find a couple locally for much less.
  8. Sounds good--I'll check craigslist. Thanks again.

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