Zeiss Super Ikonta 533 Shutter jamed

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  1. Hi
    I have a Super Ikonta 533/16 that I am not familiar with. The Shutter appears to be jammed, or
    possibly locked. The shutter cocks, but when pressed the shutter will not
    fire. Is there a locking button preventing the shutter from firing? The shutter cock lever is now stuck
    in place. I have no film for this camera Any help?
  2. Seeing as it's a Compur shutter, more than likely the problem is that the lubricant has settled on the aperture blades and jammed them- it's pretty common in old Zeiss cameras [or leaf shutter cameras at all]. I'd send it to a pro, my forays into fixing a leaf shutter lens resulted in 40+ hours to fix the same problem, albeit in a more complicated Zeiss camera.
    Hope this helps!
  3. AJG


    Did you turn the film winding knob? On my similar 521/16 Zeiss Nettar(?) you have to wind the film enough to free up the double exposure prevention on the body release. On my camera, a small red dot will be visible when you have wound it far enough. If the release on the shutter body is frozen, then Spencer is right, the shutter is due for an overhaul.
  4. Yes, you must wind the film wind knob. DO NOT FORCE THE SHUTTER RELEASE! If you force the release you can throw the linkage out of wack. If you want to know if the shutter is the problem set it to 1/60th of a sec. , cock it and then manually trip it with the little silver arm on the bottom of the shutter.

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