Zeiss jena 2.8/80mm Biometar vs zeiss 2.8/80mm tessar

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by dweezil, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. I'm looking to buy a "new" standard lens for my Kiev.

    While good the arsat Volna that I have has taken a dent in the filter thread.

    I have seen both a Tessar chrome lens and a black Biometar.
    As both are 2.8 this is not a factor but what would be the benefits or drawbacks
    of either one?


  2. The Biometar is a variation of the Planar - an f2.8 lens of top quality. The Tessar is an earlier 4 element design. I think received wisdom would have it that the Tessar is likely to be slighter softer than the Biometar wide open.
  3. Biometar, no question. I've owned two in Pentacon Six mount - early T coated and later multicoated. Both excellent, as good as my Planar in Rollei SL66 mount.
  4. The Biometar I use on my Arax 60 is as sharp as the Xenotar on my Rolleflex TLR--high praise indeed!.

    That being said, you may not notice much improvement over a good sample of any of the Ukrainian normal lenses which are also reputed to be very good
  5. Like I said the Volna I have is good.
    The problem is that I forgot to close the top of my backpack completely and the Kiev fell out of it while swinging the pack on my back.

    The only damage I have is that the filter thread is dented. Well more actually it's gone completely straight at the point of impact.

    At the current prices I'd figure I'd be daft to get it fixed so I started looking for a replacement. That's when I saw the tessar on ebay

  6. I've recommended a address to you. The Biometar's disadvantage is the closest distance of 1 meter only. The ARSAT 2,8/80mm, or the MC improved WIESE-FOTOTECHNIK 2,8/80mm, both go close to 60 cm! I am using the WIESE 2,8/80mm together with an KIEV 2x doubler successfully for close portrait shots.

  7. Only problem when focussing at 0.6m is the possible light leak at the dof lever on the lens. Not a problem with the biometar.
  8. Hi Johan, I am using two of the Wiese-Fototechnik 2,8/80mm lenses, and I had never any problem at 60cm distance. If you think having a problem with it, take a piece of black tape and tape it over. Its a real minor problem.


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