Your oldest Nikkor - any photos to share?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Ian Rance, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. I would like to see some recent scenes taken with the oldest Nikkor you possess. If you can give a rough date of the
    lens's manufacturing date that would be good too. These older lenses are still working perfectly, and I think that they
    are first class.

    Okay, mine first - 1966 Nikkor 50mm f2:

  2. my 30-odd-year-old 55mm f3.5 micro. Oldest lens. No metering. No auto-focus. still great.
  3. 28-50mm AIS Zoom Nikkor on a D300. A 1980's lens with a decent close-up mode. Great on film and even better with digital.
  4. I still use my 1975 vintage 55mm f/3.5 Micro-Nikkor purchased, along with my F2, to replace my Nikkormat, at Olden's in New York. I used it for years as my "normal" lens and also for macro. I use it regularly on my D200 as a macro lens. It is one of the sharpest lenses I own, including my MF Mamiya and Zeiss lenses and my LF Nikkors.

  5. Not sure if it is my oldest Nikkor...I have a few of the old, heavy metal lenses, but here is a picture taken with with my 24 2.8 sc.
  6. FE2 with 180mm AIS:
  7. Lovely - just what I like to see!

  8. Nikkor 105/2.5 purchased in 1979.
  9. Forgot - 105/2.5 attached to a D200
  10. The PC-Nikkor 35mm f/2.8 was the reason I bought into a Nikon system in 1971
  11. <img src =>
  12. I use them regularly since my D70s, but my veteran performer is a 28mm/f3.5 ( I also have a 28mm/f28 CRC (, and have the 35mm/f14 on my D700 already two months or so. Another of my favorites is the 50mm/f1.8 (thanks Björn!), it's the hell of a lens (attachment).
  13. 1950's 10.5cm 2.5 LTM Nikkor on an Epson RD-1/s;<BR>my oldest Nikkor is a 8.5cm F2 LTM from the late 1940's<BR><BR><img src=""><BR><BR><img src=""><BR><BR><img src="">
  14. Nikkor 50mm f/2 H.C
  15. Here's two with my original 50mm f 1.4 that came on my Nikon FTn around 1969. Pre AI of course. I filed off some of the aperture ring so it will mount on current digital Nikons.
  16. Same lens on a D70
  17. Here's one with a 35 f2 "O"
  18. Nippon Kogaku 55 f1.2
  19. AI'd 55 f3.5 Micro
  20. I've lost track of that website that cross references Nikkor models by serial number. So I'm not sure whether my AI'd 55/3.5 Micro-Nikkor or pre-AI 180/2.8 Nikkor is older. I'm pretty sure both pre-date the 50/2 AI Nikkor that came with my battered old F3HP/MD-4. I keep saying I'm gonna have my 180/2.8 AI'd so it'll play nice with my D2H, and I keep not doing it. But if I'm willing to settle for closeups only I can cobble it onto the D2H via the M2 extension tube, which safely clears the aperture indexing tab.
  21. One more with the 55 1.2
  22. 5.8 cm f/1.4. It is a very nice lens and works well on my D300 and on my IR modified D100
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  26. Michael, photo attachments need to be in standard JPEG format and 680 pixels wide or narrower to appear inline with the forum; otherwise they'll appear as a link. We don't have access to certain types of attachments to edit them. We can only delete them.

    Unfortunately the revised posting sequence in all forums seems a bit counter-intuitive now. More folks appear to be having problems following the steps to attach photos, even tho' the procedure appears to be clearly marked with the appropriate prompts. After posting a comment you should see prompts asking if you want to attach a file or photo. To me it seems clear, but I must admit that I'm seeing far more folks confused by this new process than with the old.
  27. 105mm f 2.5 Sonnar version pre AI (AI'd by John White)
  28. I took this photo in the fall of 2005 with a Nikkor 85mm f/2 lens, an old Nikkor rangefinder lens in Leica thread mount, mounted on a Leica M2 body using an LTM to bayonet adapter. I can't provide you with an exact date of manufacture for the Nikkor, but it was made some time between the late 1940s and the mid 1950s. It still works reasonably well given its age. The Nikkor 85mm f/2 was one of the lenses that US combat photographer David Douglas Duncan discovered while shooting photos of the Korean War for Life magazine, helping to build Nikon's reputation as a manufacturer of cameras and lenses. For additional info on this lens, see ; for a photo of one mounted on an old Canon P rangefinder camera, see .
  29. Lex
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  31. NIkkor 80 to 200 mm f4 push pull zoom. I probably picked it up in the mid 70s. This is one of two lenses that I found from my old film days. This lens and my Nikkor 85 mm f2 prompted me to buy the D300 and D700 so I can re-live my love for Nikon.
  32. Looks okay now, Michael. However that file size is over 300 kb, probably larger than it needs to be for web display of a JPEG of moderate dimensions. Sometimes an oversized file upload will time out during a long upload, which could be your ISP or a glitch (some intermittent problems recently with the servers), no way to tell from here.
  33. Nikkor auto 55/1.2.I'v ownd it for five years but I don't know when it was produced.
  34. nikon 50 1.8 e series phurchased as a kit lens with a EM this image taken from my backdoor this morning with a D40
  35. No photos but the series shown here lists most of the classics, the 105 F2;5 was really something....
  36. 105 F2.5 AIS on either a D50 or D80.
  37. 28mm f1/2.8 AS-s close focus on my D40
  38. Micro-Nikkor 55mm f3.5 circa 1967. Great value for little $$. [​IMG] Nikon D200 + Nikkor 55mm f3.5 (about 41 years old) + about 120mm of extension tubes stack between camera and the lens.
  39. I'll try again,
  40. Bottom line - you Canon guys can't do this with your old lenses!
  41. Nikkor 13.5cm F3.5, wide-open on the Nikon SP
  42. D100 ...
  43. "Bottom line - you Canon guys can't do this with your old lenses!" Open mouth............Insert foot.
  44. Hi again Waldemar - very beautiful shot!
  45. Here's one from last week taken with 105mm Nikkor F2.5 P which I bought new in September 1968...and I installed a factory AI kit in 2005 (to use it on D200). [​IMG] D200
  46. Yehhh... hmm... let's not bait the Canonites, Sanford. Not only *can* they do it with their old lenses on their new cameras, they can do it with *our* lenses on their cameras. Let's not make this another tired us agin' them furriners thing. It ain't even an old against new thing. It's just a celebration of using vintage faves. And in that spirit... 50/2 AI Nikkor on D2H, ISO 200, 1/80th, f/5.6.
  47. Pre-AI GN 45, wide open
  48. D2H 28mm Nikkor 2.0 AI-s
  49. Oops! Here it is..
  50. Sanford Gerald > Another reply to this is, NO, not without an adapter with some glass in it, but we can do this extremely well with any manual Nikkor lens, non-AI and newer with an inexpensive adapter, infinity focus, and .... TA DA... through-the-lens metering with ALL EOS models. Not to mention old Pentax lenses and many others... If you want to put old Nikkors to work, any Canon EOS does better than the bulk of digital Nikons -- especially if like me, you have non-AI Nikkors!
  51. I stand corrected, I never realized you guys thought so much of our glass.
  52. 55 mm Nikkor S.C f/1:1.2 pre AI (modified) on Nikon D200 camera.
  53. Nikkor 35-70f2.8 on Nikon 8008
  54. Sanford. of course we think highly of Nikon glass. I still consider myself a Nikonian, but for digital I did go to Canon, but I've still got my (all non-AI) 35mm PC-Nikkor, 55mm f/1.2, 105mm f/2.5, Reflex-Nikkor 500mm, 20mm f/4, just to mention a few of my friends that I use regularly. I actually bought the 105mm and the Reflex-Nikkor after I had gone to EOS.
    I also bought a Canon AE-1 Program to use Canon FD lenses, but that is, as they say, another story. ;-)
  55. This was taken with my early-mid 80's 300mm f/2.8 EDIF MF lens with either a TC-301 or a TC-14b with a D70s. The D70s can't meter (or even aperture-prefered autoexposure), so I shot manually and used the histogram to establish exposure. My newer D300 gives me a few more options for metering, exposure and EXIF data tags (if I program in what lens I'm using), but it's still MF all the way with this combination. I love the lens, but I'm still eagerly awaiting someone who wants to trade a 300 /f2.8 AFS or a 400 /f2.8 AFS (even-up, of course). Wish I'd never sold my 105 /f2.5....
  56. BTW, JDM, That shot was not using an adapter with added glass. It's the same glassless FD-to-EOS adapter used for macro work. As such, infinity focus can't be achieved but there is plenty of usable focusing range.
    Sorry Lex, no intention on starting any camp fires. I love my Nikon gear, but all my glass is more recent vintage so I have no pics to add to this most interesting and enjoyable post. I'll shut up now.
  57. Early 80's 80mm f2.8 autofocus, in manual focusing mode, on a F3AF, without the AF top (was never really usable), and with a HP viewfinder
  58. Hey, Louis, that was so crisp I wondered if it was just the "macro" adapter, but in any case, here is a shot taken with one of my favorites more recently.
  59. Not my oldest Nikkor, a 28/2.8AiS. I try to remember it was one of my very first Nikkors, along with a 55 Micro, owned more than 25 years ago. Actually I have older pre-Ai ones, of course non-converted. This shot could be wide open, TX on a F3.
  60. Thanks Eric. Great to hear from you again.
  61. Here's a close-up with my 35mm Non-AI f2.8 lens. It probably 30 or more years old. It mounts on my D60 with no modifications. Once I thought all Nikon lenses had this quality. This pictures was taken 8 inches away from the subject at F8.
  62. Here it is at F2.8
  63. I'll try uploading the F2.8 again
  64. 55mm f3.5 auto AI'd about 1967 vintage
  65. Nikkor H - 50 mm f 2.0 non-AI -serial number 949772 (bargain grade from KEH). I purchased this lens recently to go with my recently acquired Nikkormat FTN (my first Nikon). I have no idea how old this lens is, but the paint is completely worn off of the grip ridges on the focusing and f-stop rings.

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