Your Meter Can't Think

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  1. For June 1957 we will start with Popular Photography magazine. It shows how to use light meters in different situations.

  2. Now let's head over to Modern Photography. They also take a look at the new Super Anscochrome.

  3. Lloyd Varden looks at a Polaroid color film process in the works.

  4. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

  5. A great look back, Marc. Thanks. A later magazine had an article on how to process Anscochrome at home.
  6. A very thorough article on light metering by Schwalberg. Ultrafast Anscochrome color film at ASA 100. There is also a nice brief review of the Barnack series, along with the presentation of the IIIg. I wonder, did as many photographers rejected the M3 at the time?

    Exakta had the VXIIa out, but the Japanese were coming now in full force. Asahiflex, Minolta As (and the 16, in IPEX), Yashica Mat, Canon V and L, Olympus 35. I also like to look at the relative prices. The magic figure was 69.95 for compact 35mm RFs, At the higher level, the Exaktas with a good lens were about the same price as an M3 with Summicron.

    Another nice post, many thanks for sharing these.

  7. Thanks, as always.

    I confess I never quite know what to make of Lloyd Varden. He was a big contributor for a while and was highly respected (Lloyd Varden)

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