Your favourite titanium body compact 35mm camera

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  1. My favourite titanium body 35mm compact camera is Contax T, and Contax T2

    I also have a Minox M.D.C, which has a titanium shell, but inside is still plastic.

    Contax T has a five element Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2.8 /3.8 lens.

    Contax T has mechanical shutter.

    One battery lasts for years.

    Titanium body camera is scratch resistant, I do not need camera case for it.

    Contax T is probably the smallest full frame compact 35mm titanium camera. Leica similar camera is a bit larger.

    I have two Contax T, one silver one black. I like the silver version more.
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  2. I have the Yashica T5 it doesn't have the sacred words CZ or Sonnar, but it too has a very fine lens... I doubt the body is Titanium but I used this a lot when travelling with family for snaps!!
    What other cameras have Titanium bodies besides these two "noble" P&S cameras?
  3. The Nikon 35Ti and 28Ti?
  4. I would like to have the Nikon F3T.
  5. I have the Nikon F3T and it's my favorite film camera to use. (I have a couple of dozen!) It's very pretty and the meter works great. I have Nikon AiS lenses 28mm/2, 50mm/1.2, and 105mm/2.5.

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