Your favorite selection of women LF photographers and their websites.

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  1. I wish that I could see more of the work done by women in this field. There are many brilliant women photographers, but I
    hardly see any of their work on the web, unfortunately. Do you have some links?
  2. Hi Paul,

    Wynn White is one of my favorites.
  3. just try , nice page, the image are too small and bad jpeg but nice.
  4. I would have to say Virginia Beahan & Laura McPhee. First, I would have to say they are possibly unique in that they work on the photographs together - often virtually under the dark cloth at the same time.

    Then there is their book - No Ordinary Land. I saw a review and ordered it, then when it came, I verged on sending it back, as I really didn't think I liked it. But I kept it, and over time, it has become one of my favourites, espcially of contemporary colour landscape work.

    I don't think there is a site of their work, but there is some info on the web. I believe they are working on a new project right now.

    I believe this is their new project - The Country Between Us
  5. good question paul, i pawed through my library for some contemporary work and recommend a search on:

    rineke dijkstra

    Rineke Dijkstra was born in 1959 in Sittard, the Netherlands, and lives and works in Amsterdam.
    She has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions at museums and galleries
    including The Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Venice Biennial; the Stedelijk Museum,
    Amsterdam; and the Photographers Gallery, London.

    very excellent lf portraits, but it seems format isn't so relevant to her work, she is using stills from video images too...
  6. Henry , Camille solyagua is incredible ! Her work is wonderful .
    Thank you for that .
    Sally Mann is my thing , also Dorothea Lange and Julia
    Margareth Cameroun .
    I am sorry i have not site addresses . I wish i knew the work of
    more women , amd looks like this thread ism going to help .
  7. Thanks so far, have seen some very nice work. I agree, Camille Solyagua has really the sensibility you would expect from a woman. Very nice. Hope to see more!
  8. I personally am more interested in good photography than I am in the gender of the photographer. I agree that there are many brilliant photographers today, both men and women. Why discriminate against men?

    In any case, one of my favorite LF photographers, who just happens to be a woman, is Margaret Bourke-White:

    The current exhibit of her work at the Phillips Collection in D. C. is just awesome, BTW:
  9. I have to add my favorite, Marie Cosindas. But, unfortunately she doesn't have a web site.
  10. I thought Wynn White was a man, at least according to one of his/her gallery reps.
  11. Hi Paul. LF photographers are a very small subset of photographers in general, and women are notably underrepresented, but here's a link to a few samples of the works of Linda Connor, and my favorite, Judith Joy Ross.
  12. Here's a few:

    Also Fay Godwin but I don't have a website.
  13. Without knowing the gender of the photographer in advance, I've never been able to distinguish a photograph made by a woman from a photograph made by a man. What do you look for as the distinguishing characteristics that allow you to know when you're looking at a photograph made by a woman?
  14. Good question Ellis. I don't think there was such thing as discrimination in my original question as it was suggested above. In fact, men have been largely in charge of the business, at least as far as landscape photography is concerned. Women have been more involved in people photography. It's something quite understandable by the nature of the work, when you consider the weight and size of the gear, the risks taken in venturing alone in remote places and so on. It is true also that most pictures don't bear the signature of a woman or a man and could have been done by either. It's more in the body of work that you will notice a clear difference, and even there, it's sometimes not so obvious as I have seen in many of the links mentioned above. In fact my concern is more that maybe we are missing something because even if many women out there do take great nature shots in small and medium format, and somtimes on larger formats, there are in my opinion not enough women involved in LF landscape photography. Just ask yourself the question: who are the five or ten most famous landscape photographers and see how many women are included in your list! I think also that women should be allowed a whole personal approach and not be forced to reproduce the way men are seeing things. I bet it's hard for them to do so because too often their work will be juged by men and on a typical male approach. But when I look at Sandy's work or Paula's, there is no doubt that both are to a good extent expressing their femininity in their work. In fact I'm sure that there are also many male photographers who express the female part of their personality in their work, as there are probably female photographers who express their male part. This is no black or white for sure! What do you think?
  15. Sorry ... Brian!
  16. For Elsa Dorfman:<P>For Mary Ellen Mark: http://<P>for Sally Gall
    gallery/gall <P>Andrea Modica :
    modica_1.html<P>Sally Mann:<P>

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