Yosemite Renaissance

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  1. The 18th Yosemite Renaissance will exhibit contemporary art of Yosemite and the Sierra. The public is invited to the opening /awards reception on Feb. 22 5:30- 7:30. I have a piece in it this year. It is always a fun event and a good excuse to come to the park. Remember to bring chains if you are driving.
  2. Can you show us your entry here? And good luck.
  3. http://www.yosemitecollection.com/content/_DSC1121-Edit_large.html
  4. http://www.yosemitecollection.com/content/_DSC1121-Edit_large.html
    My photograph was taken in middle Yosemite Falls in late summer. I had to repel into the area for the photograph. A little different take on Yosemite Falls.
  5. It should turn heads, Hugh. Rocks of nice textures and not oftseen tints, with the animal or human symbolism to boot. Glad you posted it here, giving a chance to see your fine colour and composition sense in the images of your portfolio. Good luck.
  6. Nice textures and shot. Looks like the rock are "kissing". Good luck.

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