Yongnuo not helpful on warranty request.

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by color, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. I bought a Yongnuo 560-III speedlight last fall. It's not working and my attempts to get Yongnuo to give me an address to send it to for repair or replacement under warranty have been useless. They want me to send it back to the seller (Amazon). Anybody with experience dealing with Yongnuo on warranties?
  2. Settle it with Amazon. They are in a much better position than you when it comes to dealing with Yongnuo.
    Depending on the country you're in this may also be the first legal option since bought the flash from Amazon.
  3. Jos is correct, in many countries the contract of sale is between the retailer and the customer, and the wholesaler or manufacturer has no responsibility toward the end user. Amazon should be your first contact. They may simply replace it out-of-hand.
  4. I read these replies twice and no way I can swallow the logic here...I mean if a product is under warranty then it is warrantied by the manufacturer not the vendor....Amazon has no repair facility and cannot test the unit and need not be one to take action. (unless they just send you another unit,- but then- that makes no sense either. Yields no way to measure a lack of quality in a component and no feedback to design...etc for that model, right?).... If I buy. let's say a Metz flash from B and H with a one year warranty, the contractual service card gives me a term of warranty with the manufacturer, who has a repair location in my region. If not and they fail to deal with me, I get suspicious. Who wouldn't.

    Where do we conclude that any manufacturer or distributor of the brand can palm off the guarantee of workability to a vendor on line or in a store...
    .What is Yongnuo doing and why does it sound screwy. No I have not bought one of their products, and not encouraged to do so..... Yeah, If you get no response from the company, I guess you have no recourse but to deal with Amazon....But it aint right to my mind, and a black mark on the brand if that is their tack.

    Did the flash come with not any warranty card or repair station or guide....if so, shame on them...gs
  5. this depends on local laws or laws governing the sale transaction. in my country the standard 2 year warranty is covered by the vendor, if the warranty is longer (say 5 years) then after the first 2 years it is covered by the manufacturer....

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