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  1. That helps. Interesting to explore further.
  2. Yes, I can. That’s how it comes across to me.
    What you may be trying to do is one thing. What I see and think when I look at your photo is something else. As Inoneeye says, interesting to explore further.
  3. Thank you inoneeye.

    Did you mean to explore this photo?
  4. You could do more with this one or move on with the idea to other photos. For this image you could explore an often used technique of the surrealist and dadaist.. words. ..Using titles or sometimes phrasing within the work. I look at your work as leaning to dada more than surreal and they loved word play. And your quote of intent seems a natural fit. 'words are not the objects' [that they represent]
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  5. "As important is a refinement in their visual aspects." sam

    I like the simple directness of this image and others you have posted with the messages that you have supplied. What would make them stand out for me would be for you to find your way of connecting the message to the image 'the treachery of words'. Using words is only one option. Post processing can be very effective also. The challenge is made more difficult when the subject does not deliver the message for you. This photo with the lack of refinement in capture and post does not hold my attention long. It seems like a simple record. When you posed your take on what the photo was about I became interested. I don't suggest you dumb it down for the viewer. Finding your way with tools & language to communicate... refinement that would be a win-win.
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  6. go figure skate
  7. What I'm getting from this conversation is something I've missed before. Your purposely shooting photos with something specific in mind- in this case "The Treachery Of Words"- with a sort of open-ended-ness both in photographic context and and how the words relate to the shot, either directly or indirectly. Leaving it open for interpretation bu the viewer. That's a lot deeper than your images let on, taken at a glance. Commendable to be sure.
  8. There’s no treachery in words - Halibut Camoos
  9. 'There’s no treachery in words' - and yet you try so hard
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  10. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... certainly not in
    words like "bananas" and
  11. Must try harder
  12. The irony of this thread is that Pavel’s use of English (his words) lets him down.
  13. You're right; there is indeed no treachery in words. The potential treachery lies in the people who use them.
  14. Thank you inoneeye.

    I prefer ice hockey or ice skating.


    Thank you Ricochetrider.
    I can't say this about all my photos. More often I can't control my surrounding during my photo walks.

    Do you mind to elaborate?

    Good point. This is the more common way to present the treachery of words.

    I didn't want to limit my interests to above mentioned streams. I should of say that I greatly enjoy all avant-garde movements of the beginning of the 20th century.
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