Yashica Electro 35 MC

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by elias_roustom, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Little zone focus camera with green light that comes on when the shutter release is depressed.
    Does anyone know anything about this camera - what does the green light mean, should it be doing
    anything else besides lighting up? Should it flash to warn for over or under exposure?
  2. It's a battery check. If it doesn't come on, the battery is shot. There should be a f-stop/shutter speed scale on the right side of the viewfinder to warn of over- or underexposure.
  3. I recall there was a small button for battery check that also put a green light on the pose number.

    But when you press the shutter release half way one of 3 things happen : red light signalling over-exposure (would need faster than the 1_500 sec max), yellow light signalling long exposure (slower than 1_30 sec) or no light when in between.
  4. There's a scan of the original MC instruction book on my web site.

  5. The best site for Yashica is here. There is a huge amount of info on all models.
    Cheers Manfred
  6. I had one back in the 70s.....great camera ....sharp lens. Very accurate auto exposure. I also had the wide angle and telephoto attachments.Got it off a guy that just bought it in Vietnam. Went to a Pentax Spotmatic....then to a 645, next a hassey.
  7. Some of the posters seem to be confused with the Electro35MC and the 35G.. series. The 35MC is the smallest of the Electro series. It does NOT have a rangefinder, but zone focussing with an indicator visible in the viewfinder. It does NOT have a battery test button and does NOT have indicators for over/underexposure, just the green light which goes on whenever you press the button (as long as the battery is not dead). One thing to remember: the max exposure time is several seconds but the shutter will stay open for that period ONLY if you press the shutter button permanently.

    Otherwise it is a great little shooter and was my choice for my last vacation (together with an Wirgin Edixa-Flex, a Welta Trio 6x9 and a Weltax 6x4.5).
  8. Thank you all for your responses. Winfried, do you know what the purpose is of the shutter button locking past the half way down point? I gave the camera a quick test (Delta Pro 100 @ 200 in Diafine) and while I think that film/developer combo wasn't the best, the lens is impressively sharp.

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