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  1. I've been taking "artistic" (non-snapshot) photographs for a little over 7 years, and it's developed into a rather serious
    hobby. I've used various point and shoot cameras until now (a 35mm Minolta Freedom and Canon A-540--frequently
    in "manual" mode).

    I think it's more than time to scrape together the funds for a DSLR and have settled on a Rebel XSi with kit (EF-S 18-
    55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS) lens. I'm a college student, so cost is a HUGE concern for me. For this reason, I'm considering
    buying the XSi body and lens, together or seperately, on eBay. My gut tells me to stay away from used equipment
    and stick with Amazon, but my wallet tells me to go for it. Can anyone with experience buying used equipment in
    general and doing so via eBay specifically offer any advice on the matter?

    My boyfriend has bought tons of expensive music equipment from eBay sellers and never encountered any
    complications. Can I exect similar luck in the XSi market? I don't plan on making my purchase until Christmas, but
    even by then I don't expect any XSis will have been around long enough to experience much wear and tear. Any
  2. If you wait another year or so, the price of a new one should drop to $600 or so, maybe less just before the Rebel 007
  3. I don't trust Ebay anymore. There's too many ways for someone to get away w/ selling you garbage. I'd offer two
    alternative plans though. Since ebay burned me I switched to using craigslist, and while it doesn't have near the
    selection, I've found a lot of what I was looking for by waiting a few weeks. That way you get to physically
    check out the camera before you buy it. Alternatively you could consider buying a new Rebel XTi body and the
    18-55 IS lens to go with it. You'll probably spend less money that way and get the warranty on both items. Or
    grab a factory refurbed XTi (who knows, maybe they'll be some refurbished XSi's by then). Does budget overrule
    your desire to go w/ the XSi? Either way, if you go used, I'd recommend dealing locally.

    Good luck whichever way you go!
  4. Adorama is selling the XSi in a kit with the 18-55mm IS lens, 2g SD card, extra battery and nice bag for $907.66. If you can't afford that I'd wait until you save enough as there is too much grief out there on the bay. I have a lot of transactions on the bay but I wouldn't buy a new digital camera out there because if it much cheaper than Adorama or B&H or Amazon it is probably a scam from some back room in Brooklyn where they'll take your money, sell you just the body and then try to hold you up for the battery and the charger and all the rest of the things that come in the box from a legit place. Patience. Good luck.
  5. You may not need the lastest, 400d + 18 55 IS would be a lot less $, it`ll get you started just fine :)
  6. Oh yeah, I`d buy that combo local if poss, or someone like KEH, B&H ...Often there maybe warrantee hassles on ebay
  7. Kate, try photodynasty.com or soniccameras.com. You can get the XSi body for $409. and if you want to get it with the
    package with a bunch of other little stuff you can get it for a total of $519 at the cheapest. Its the cheapest I could find
    anywhere. It comes with free shipping as well.
  8. good freaking call man!

    looks like I'll be canceling my order!
  9. I saw the XSi/18-55 IS kit at Costco last week for $850.
  10. If you really want to spend as little as posible, why not consider a 350D (or XT I think you call then in the
    US). Don't be put off by it's age, it is a fantastic body capable of fantastic results. I regularly use mine
    alongside my 5D. I see no point in upgrading my 350D at all, it is perfect.
  11. Kate, XSi seems like a fine body but on a budget it could be better to buy XTi or even good old XT (seriously, it's still a capable body). If you want a bit sturdier body then used 20D's can be had at very low prices. Also, there's the brand new Rebel 1000 which is priced low.

    I think you need lenses and accessories, cheaper camera bodies are not that different.
  12. Kate - Just assume you're lucky and do buy from eBay. Question 1 you gotto ask yourself, how MUCH cheaper. These days, if you notice, esp. for Canon DSLR - you can bet anything that almost all the REPUTED stores + online shops have the EXACT same prices or +/- $100.00 If you're getting the XSi at greater than $100 difference btw Adorama/B&H/Amazon - it's fishy. Next, will Canon provide warranty in case you require it, if purchased from eBay ... you, as consumer can you guarantee that they will? I would recommend, if you're game for used ones - check the used market-place. Check Adorama, they have off-and-on refurbs. Check refurbdepot.com - a reputable refurb. market-place. Craigslist is great but only recently NY cops arrested a group, who were giving terrific ads and when buyer turned up (obviously with the money) they duped and trashed them.... so ... just be a wee bit careful.
  13. Thanks for your replies, everyone! I originally decided on the XSi after reading several reviews, particularly this one, indicating that the XSi produces images with noticeably lower noise levels than those produced using the same lens by the XTi. This difference seems big enough for me to want to spend the extra money should I be able to come up with it. If I can't, though, I'll happily pursue the XTi as many of you have suggested! Please, tell me if I'm wrong about the difference in image quality between the XTi and XSi!
  14. Kate Lindemann: Go with the XSi. I have the XT and am not happy with the noise from ISO 800 and up. Read the XSi review in the current issue of Popular Photography magazine. Also read the review of the XSi on www.dpreview.com. I am thinking of upgrading from the XT to the XSi for the better image quality at ISO 1600 because most of my images are shot hand held in low light. My other workhorse is the 5D and the XSi would be the economical backup to rival the 5D at ISO 1600.
  15. I've bought over a hundred cameras on eBay and hardly had any problems at all -- but you do have to use good
    sense and know what you are doing. I do concur that is not a good place to go for your first major camera purchase.

    Prices that are too good to be true are likely not to be true. For a major purchase like this, I'd definitely go
    with one of the big stores like B&H or Adorama, or a number of others with good resellerratings.com ratings.
    Never buy from any mail order place without checking reseller first. You will get a warranty (buy the US version,
    for sure, not the "import" or "gray market" unofficial imports). Also, these outfits will stand behind the
    purchase. For a new camera, I'd definitely go with the XSi if you can afford it and the new "IS" version of the
    18-55mm kit lens. If that's a little too dear, do consider the XTi-it's a very capable camera and is being
    heavily discounted right now. Be sure that any lens you buy as part of the purchase (and it will be much cheaper
    that way), is the "IS"=image stabilized version rather than its somewhat lackluster predecessor.
  16. Anything you buy on ebay is buyer beware. What you want to look out for is those companies who will do a switch and bait on you with a grey market or try to get you to call and verify stuff to up sell or just trying to steal from you.

    before you buy anything from anyone on ebay check on their ratings. I know the new rating system sucks. check this site out www.resellerratings.com a lot of the power sellers also have their own store online.
  17. Kate, if you are ready to pull the trigger this week, ritzcamera.com (or wolfcamera.com) has the Rebel XSi with the IS kit lens for only $800, plus $7 for ground shipping. That is a great deal. Both Ritz Camera and Wolf Camera are legitimate camera stores. This sale ends on June 28.

    Dan Groover

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