x-rite Eye One Display 2 with Windows 8 - am I just out of luck?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by jimsimmons, May 28, 2013.

  1. When I get on x-rite's website, the implication is that the last round of software they made for the Eye One Display 2 puck is for Windows 7. Anybody been able to get one to work with Windows 8? I just got a new Win8 laptop, and it won't even recognize that I've connected the Eye One device. x-rite website says I have to get the Eye One Display Pro or Color Munki. Really? Surely the people at x-rite are smart enough to write drivers for Windows 8? Surely? This couldn't just be greed at work, forcing me to buy more hardware, could it?
  2. Provided the i1d2 shows up as something or other in device manager when you plug it in, you might try this: Create a new folder, say, on your desktop. Unpack the i1d2 exe file for Windows 7 into this folder using Winrar, or a similar program. In device manager right click on the relevant device and search for drivers. Point Windows to the folder you`ve just created. Voila! Drivers install enabling the computer to recognize the puck and the program to run. (At least this worked for me when I had similar problems with an old scanner and win8.)
  3. Don't know if you're still having problems but I can give my own experience of the i1D2 and Win 8 64 bit. No problems of recognition or using the puck, I have iMatch 3.6.2 installed and after connecting the puck's USB and then launching the software it all functions as it did on Win 7 and Win XP.
    You have installed the iMatch software haven't you?
  4. Sorry so late to respond, gang. I updated from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2 (PC), and now my laptop recognises the puck, and I'm in the middle of a calibration right now. The first two times I attempted to download the latest driver, the file got corrupted, but this may be because I was clicking on the update button from within Eye One Match. But for the third attempt, I closed the program and went directly to X-Rite's website. The driver downloaded fine that time, and that's the version I'm using now.

    Thanks for the advice and encouragement. That was all I needed to keep trying things - to know that someone had figured it out.

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