WTB: Royal 35P 35mm rangefinder camera.

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  1. Searching for a Royal 35P base model (no meter) 35mm rangefinder camera (Japan) c1958 approx. Plenty of trade options, or cash by PayPal. (US SouthEast)
  2. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

    There was one for sale 2 years ago in Dublin. It was withdrawn from sale, so it might still be available...
    65 euros
    The seller is still active.
  3. Wow. Great memory, Ken. Sometimes I can't recall if I shampooed my hair during my shower. :-/ You didn't link or hint at the seller. Was it offered on eBay or photo.net or where, so I can see if I can locate the seller. Really appreciate the tip. Cheers, Colin

    PS. I saw an old thread here where a member named Mike Gamill had gotten one, and was trying a repair. Maybe he will see this thread, too.
  4. kendunton

    kendunton Edinburgh

    It was this seller. He might be able to help you. I couldn't find the Royal under his sold cameras - worth a try.
    Check out excellent deals in Ireland | Adverts.ie

    EDIT: this is the seller's page Public Profile comments for foto205. Page 3 of 3

    Another possible is The Real Camera Co.
    The Real Camera Company - Manchester Camera Retailer

    As they say on their home page:
    Our stock is so big we can't write down everything, it would take months. So give us a call and ask us if we have what you want, drop me an e-mail, or come and visit us as we're only one block out of Piccadilly Gardens, in the centre of Manchester.

    Another option would be the Japanese second hand camera shops.

    Hope this helps :)
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  5. The search continues for a Royal 35P rangefinder 35mm camera - the base model without a meter. Will pay well, or trade, for the camera. Thanks. Any tips clues or leads of a camera for sale much appreciated.
  6. Bump.

    Still looking for a Royal 35P rangefinder camera. I've followed up recent leads here without any success. Willing to pay a premium to secure a copy for my collection of Royals.

  7. Somehow I missed your reply or part of it. Thank you so much. I have followed up and reached out to various people, with no responses. But I have alerts in place. Thanks.
  8. Bump. Wanted to buy Still searching for a ROYAL 35P 35mm rangefinder camera - the base model without light meter. Tracking down all leads and tips, but no luck so far.
  9. Saw how your Royal camera collection has continued to grow, great work! OK sooo, my 35P f1.9 should belong in your collection.

    Works fine but the helical is stiff, no chrome corrosion, a few bright marks on back from the case, a few scratches in baseplate. It comes with ok case and plastic lens cover. The little round front medallion is half worn through. And it'll come with a Torca instruction fold-out pamphlet. All will go for what I paid for it.

    I am still keeping a few 50's rangefinders, including the 3 older Royals.

    I just registered here (again, after the revamp), so my contact info may no be available until account gets beyond probation. Merry Christmas!

  10. Holy Toledo, Batman ! Are you kidding me. What a Christmas present that would be if you are certain you will sell me your 35P. I'll see if your contact detail and email is up and running yet. Wow. Thank you.

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