Will Spyder 3 calibration work with Windows 10? Having problems....

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by court_r, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. All – I got a new Windows 10 PC and installed my Spyder3 Pro with the Spyder3Pro_4.0.2_setup software. It error'ed out when I first installed it, so I selected compatibly mode during install and then it installed fine. I ran the calibration on my laptop and it created a new profile. However it seems to be doing the exact opposite of what it should. Before calibration, the colors by default from windows look perfect. Colors completely balanced and accurate. However after running the calibration the new profile it creates is way, waaay off. It creates an inaccurate and very cool white balance and drops down the brightness of the screen significantly. Has anyone had this issue? Of course Datacolor told me to buy the latest version, but I think it would still work with Win 10 like it should?
    Or if it will not work at all, are there free programs out there I can use that have the same accuracy, or better that the Spyder 3 calibrator did with Windows 7?
  2. It's a legacy product. If they don't want you to be able to use it so they can make money, you won't be able to. As far as other S/W that supports it as a generic colorimeter, you'll have to research that (Google?), but it must have a working driver and I doubt Datacolor will update that for Win10.
    They get you coming and going, it's why I stay on one OS as long as possible.
  3. DispcalGUI is open source software, free or donationware, I'm not quite sure but it seems to do the trick. http://dispcalgui.hoech.net/ has more info. According to an earlier pnet thread is is very slow but it seems to work.
  4. I don't know about the software but the hardware should work as I used my Spyder2 on windows 10. I use NEC Spectraview software though.
  5. Try DispcalGUI. You might have to manually install argyllcms (and remember where you put it) to get it to work. Also expect to need some finagling to get drivers for the Spyder working. My Spyder2 is workign using it and I no longer get such weird results. Don't let dispcalgui do high quality in the calibration step (it isn't worth 3 hours) do use as much quality as you want for the profile. Keep in mind this is open source software so UI maybe a little weird, but at least things are labeled unlike Spyder's native software.

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