Will acryllic (plexi) glazing cause harmful outgassing?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by brian_nelson|5, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. I want to eliminate the risk of broken glass if a picture frame falls to the floor, and am considering the use of acrylic sheet instead of glass.
    The cost of museum-grade acrylic glazing is prohibitive, and the prints will simply be kept in a low-UV environment or displayed intermittently.
    Does standard acrylic sheet damage photographs from outgassing any more than archival?
    Can acrylic sheet be treated in some manner to adequately reduce dust build-up from static charge, and also not create an additional outgassing issue?
  2. Outgassing is often from the print. It will get on glass or acrylic too.
  3. Normal acrylic will cause outgassing. It is not an archival method of framing prints, unless you get the Acrylite material that is supposed to prevent the problem. The museum I worked for used acrylic-like materials for many prints, but it was special material. Check this link out: http://www.archivalmethods.com/Product.cfm?categoryid=3&Productid=150. You may find it much cheaper elsewhere, but this link will tell you more about it. I would not frame using normal acrylic (in fact, I did do that many years ago, and it was messy).

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