WiFI Tethered shooting - Fuji X-T2

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  1. Trying to get this to work in order to save wear and tear on the camera's connections when running an "Instant Print Photo Booth" type setup (think "Photos with Santa" or similar).

    Setup is:

    Fuji X-T2 -> wifi router -> Windows 10 PC -> Fuji X Acquire

    I can make it all "work", everything connects, take a photo, appears on computer, but only for one shot in minimum res (3m), after that X Acquire loses the connection and everything stops.

    All photos are saved to camera memory card, even those that fail to transfer.

    Anyone use this setup? Any tips?

    I suspect my problem lies with Windows networking - next step will be to try a cable between router and PC, when I can find one, if I don't batter the PC to death with the camera first...

    I normally use a Raspberry Pi for everything photo related, but Fuji X Acquire is Windows/X86 only...
  2. If it's anything like the Fuji phone app give up now and yourself a lot of grief;)
  3. Works perfectly for me across 3 different cameras; shooting, transfer to phone and direct instax print.

    Guess that means that the wifi tethering might work for you ;)

    (Will probably never work again now I've said that)
  5. No, I've heard that it can be very unreliable, I think it's highly phone dependant. (Mine is an ancient budget Android 'smart' phone)

    I use it as a remote shutter release with live view, but when used for group/self portraits, it often results in a photo of me looking at the @#&* phone - they need to allow use of a physical button to trip the shutter!
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  6. I don't use it, but I did try it out for the iPhone, and actually got it to work on an X-Pro2.

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