Wideness of the 28 2.8 Elmar ?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by leon chang, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. When shooting cityscapes I often find my Elmar 50 2.8 too narrow. I was
    thinking of getting a 28 f2.8 Elmar. Can anyone post some samples of
    how "wide" it looks in practice. I often like to emphasize foregrounds, which
    is rather hard with a 50 mm. thnx!
  2. I shoot with a 28mm 2.8 Elmarit which I used for the majority of my last trip to Europe. It's plenty wide and doesn't offer up too much distortion for the landscapes.
  3. The 28 Elmarit is great, but if I had purcahse another 28mm I'd go for the Cron.
  4. Leon, you mean Elmarit ?
  5. The 28 mm lens has about a 76 degree diagonal angle of view, compared with about 45 degrees for a 50 mm lens. That is a significant difference.
  6. Chris,-- What is causing all that vignetting in your photo? I know it is not the lens itself. Could you have put the wrong lenshood on?
  7. A 25 would be twice as wide as your 50, both width and length. 4 x the area covered.

    28 a bit less.
  8. Along with your 50 Summicron, take a look at the 28mm 1:3.5 V/C Color Skopar -- inexpensive, excellent build quality, sharp!
  9. When fully open, the Elmarit has about 2 stops of light-falloff at 21.6mm from the centre of the frame, and even more at the extreme corners. Chris' photo must have been taken at a wide aperture.
  10. Leon: Another 28mm Elmarit picture:

  11. Good Lord, Andy. That nearly sliced a hole in my screen! It would be dangerous to handle negatives made with that lens -- there'd be blood and little pieces of fingers everywhere.
  12. Jerry: That isn't an extraordinary amount of vignetting for a 28mm. The version III 28mm Elmarit vignettes 2.1 stops at the corners. That will always be evident in a shot that includes an area of uniform tone, especially if it's the sky. Any lens that wide will show a deeper blue in the sky, in the corners. The sky gets darker/deeper with increasing altitude anyhow, which intensifies the effect. Note that vignetting isn't noticeable in the lower corners.
  13. "That nearly sliced a hole in my screen!"

    Yes, it was a bit over-sharpened.
  14. I just received a "new" 28mm F3.5 Nikkor for my S2 this week. 28mm for me has long been an under appreciated focal length. I have had one for many years for my SLR...but never used it. I do like this NRF lens alot and will be using it frequently.
  15. another...same roll
  16. and last
  17. "Along with your 50 Summicron, take a look at the 28mm 1:3.5 V/C Color Skopar -- inexpensive, excellent build quality, sharp!"

    I guess you forgot to add "if it's focused right and held steady" :*)
  18. Yeah, John, I was jostled by the crowd! How's this example?

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