Why Fuji Super HR In Minox Cassette Has Spacing problem ?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by mtc photography, Jan 2, 1999.

  1. Why spacing on Fuji-Super HR negative so narrow ? Any remedy ?
  2. Fuji-Super HR microfilm has several different film bases, with different thickness.
    If you are useing 2.5 mil Fuji Super HR microfilm to slit and load into Minox cassette,
    if you follow usual procedure of using 10mm take up spool, you are bound to have problem. You may have very narror or overlapped frames near the end.
    Because the Minox film advance drive is base on norminal film thickness of about 5-5.5 mil to achieve nominal spacing.
    If the film is too thin, then diameter of the used film in the take up chamber is smaller then normal, resulting in smaller than usually length of film being transported, therefore the spacing is narrow than normal.
    My recommendation is to use the 15 exp spool (the fat spool ) which comes with
    15 exposure Minopan or Minocolor film, and use it for long load of Super HR
    Second, load the Super-HR cassette at -2 or even -5 position of counter.

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