Whose kid is cutest

Discussion in 'Pentax' started by jemal.yarbrough, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. I couldn't resist since I don't own a pet. I nominate my daughter Joy, bad hair day and all.
    All challengers should know that I have two handsome young men still left to fight with...lol.
  2. That's a thousand dollar smile Jemal! Awesome portrait.. I bet you couldn't even take a bad photo of her :)
  3. thank you. No, she makes it awful hard to get a bad photo. The camera loves her.
  4. This should certainly win.
  5. Here's a slightly (slightly) better resemblance.
  6. and here's little Lewis, who - like Jemal's cutie - likes the camera a lot.
  7. Very cute! Well. maybe not the lagoon thing...but all the others are.

    Now just you guys wait till Mike Costello brings on the film pics of his younger stepdaughter. You guys are going to feel the heat!

    PS: If you can wait 6-7 years, I'll post some too.
  8. I must say, while I love Faststone (image viewer) for all its utility, I don't like how it alters my shots. I even dug up Justin's comments from a few weeks ago, about having to "season to taste" but until I can figure out exactly HOW it's sucking color and exposure from my JPEGs, it's slowly moving over to my sh*tlist...

    I guess I'll have to RTFM, which - BTW - I found here:


    I hope I figure it out before mis posts his kid pics.
  9. These are all so cute! I couldn't stop laughing at the camoflage lagoon picture. Definitely an example of why kids are so great!
  10. You guys are in for a real treat later on! I have 4 kids! but first, I have to get some school done with them before I continue to play on the computer. Although 2 of them are doing p.e. outside (running around the house and trying to hoola hoop) and the other 2 are working on their thinking skills (playing memory)...so, it is school.
  11. No. MY kid is the cutest.
  12. I'm already saving up sick time at work for when he gets into middle school, and I'll get phone calls to come pick up my class clown from the Principal's office...

    Went to check in on him the other night, before he feel asleep, and he was reading a book: Through his Marx Bros. fake glasses/nose/mustache toy. Nuts!
  13. But then there's also this one:

  14. [​IMG] [​IMG] and my grand son.... [​IMG]
  15. Glorious, Javier! What a cherub your Grandson is. Is that his favorite photo background? It's my oldest son's favorite, but he doesn't mind being caught in action. ;-)

    And - naturally - your photos are excellent, you vivid-jpeg user, you...

    (and why do Javier's oversized images show up in the post, when mine - trimmed to p-net specs (at least by dimensions) - do not?)
  16. Kid 1
  17. Kid 2
  18. Time to add my boys to this competition of super cute kids. First an old scanned photo.
    Here's them all growed up. First up, Joshua.
    Then Jemal.
    And one of my favorites of Joshua...
  19. The size restriction is for images uploaded to and hosted by photo.net. The inline pictures hosted by other sites like Flickr or Imageshack (embedded HTML IMG) do not have this restriction. That being said the images are best kept fairly small either way.
  20. Jemal, your family is precious...:)
  21. Thank you Javier. So is yours. Everyone's got such lovely children. This to me is way more exciting and interesting than pets. But if I had a dog I'd have a photo there too. Smile.
  22. Man... this thread is making me want to have kids. I love 'em, was a camp counselor for two years.

    But that would require settling down and getting married. Hmmm, that part, not so much. D'oh!
  23. Such cute kids in here! Here's a couple of my daughter Emmalyn...She's got the funniest faces :)
  24. And another...
  25. Wow. Those are some pretty amazing photos of really cute kids. Here's a photo of my 2.
  26. Here's a photo of my son's little buddy.
  27. Wow, seeing all these great wonderful kids has me convinced to have more....Now where is my wife... :)
  28. Well, I might as well throw my hat in the ring. Albeit a poor scan of a somewhat poor film print. And for the record, this is my son...so at that young age a boy that looks like a girl can be cute instead of "gender challenged" or whatever the politically correct term is these days...laf.
  29. OK. Time to put some heat on you guys. Here are two shots of my kids. They were taken on high ISO at dusk while playing Frisbee in the park nearby. First my daughter trying to catch the Frisbee:
    Next, my son celebrating a good throw:
    And I can't resist adding this panning shot of my little girl running:
  30. I don't want to show all of you up too badly, so I am refraining from posing any pix for now. Jamal is getting close, but I have only one question: How many "Miss Photogenic" winners do we have here?

    I just don't want someone saying I don't play fair...
  31. OK, Time to bring out the guns, BYB.. :)
  32. Some real cute kids in here but I'm hoping this will sway a vote or two! http://www.photo.net/photo/6921064
  33. Don't make me scan in the "naked kid in a pot" bath photos. Lol. From where I'm sitting, it looks like this contest is already won. We've all tied.
  34. http://hope.tmphillips.com
  35. One more ;-)
  36. It is ridiculous how you all have adorable kids... the ones with ugly kids must be hiding or something!

    Next let's have a "pictures of fluffy bunnies and baby animals" contest. Let's see if we can *drown* this forum in cuteness!!!
  37. Awright, I'm skipping over the big guns, and going to the cannons....
  38. the normal relationship
  39. they're also our test shot models.... I'm leaving it up to matt to post the pic that won our oldest the Photogenic award.. *AHEM*
  40. My Johnson baby

  41. Maria.. Thank you.. "The cannons".. I got a hearty chuckle out of that one.. And so true. too cute. and to follow it with the choke hold! too funny..
  42. I like mosaic with my boys
  43. I have none of my own..
  44. Hin Man those are amazing photos! Wow.
  45. ... but this is Maria's fault. Since Ani is getting her tonsils out in about 9 hours (her 7th surgery in less than 5 years), here's some pix of her...
    and finally...

    Little Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2002 Oklahoma City "Miss Photogenic"
    All above images shot with my Pentax PZ-10 & 35-80 f/4.
  46. kaboom! a knock out! :)
  47. Ok, pulling out the Ani pics was the equivalent of an ICBM - very, very cute!
  48. gav


    from this


    to this


    in 7 months - a bit of a rough ride i can tell you
  49. That's funny, Gavin's 2nd pic reminds me of a shot of our younger girl that I would have posted (had it not been after midnight). Now I'm at work so you will have to wait for the 2nd battalion...
  50. OK.

    Two-fer here--daughter and grandson.

  51. Gavin: WOW and AAAAaaaawwwwwww
  52. Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop that! Ani's done her share of fighting, no 'AAAAaaaawwwwwww's for other peoples kids! I guess I'll have to whip out some 'snowed' pix on these punks! You just wait 'till I get home!!! ;-P
  53. I was wondering how long it'd take you to pull out "stoned baby" SHEESH!!!

    The wireless signal up in the rooms is really lousy, so I can't post anything else... I was going
    to go for sympathy votes w/ a pic from the recovery room this January... oh well.
  54. This isn't what I was looking for, but it is still cute:
    The Proud 'Big' Sister!
  55. While this trip down memory lane has been nice, I have a lot of other things I should have been doing... [​IMG]
    The assistant engineer...
    We can't forget Baby-L!
    The 27th shot from our 1st K10D...
    and the one Maria promised...

  56. OK... I see how you guys play...
  57. Launching
  58. Weatherseals?
  59. One of my faves
  60. Obviously, some of you are blinded by your parental love so much that you can't objectivly
    recognize my kids as the cutest. Before I start posting more photos of of the cutest little
    girls in the whole wide world, I'll give you jokers a few more hours to see what you can come
    up with, just to be fair...
  61. Seems like I have to go hook up the scanner...
  62. Bring it!
  63. btw, I feel so sorry for the poor sots on "Notify me of Responses"...
  64. I don't have any of my own, but I caught these at a Moms and Daughters fishing tournament last year.

    <img src="http://smile-123.smugmug.com/photos/176275875_dqCsd-M.jpg" />

    <img src="http://smile-123.smugmug.com/photos/176278643_MrzxE-L.jpg" />

    <img src="http://smile-123.smugmug.com/photos/176285323_P5BbA-L.jpg" />
  65. 2 questions:

    1. 'Sots'? is that a euphemism for sods, like 'frik'?

    2. Is that a real fish? Seems the way she's holding it, it would wiggle out of her hand...
  66. @Matt: From yourdictionary.com:

    Definition sot (s䴩


    a drunkard

    Etymology: ME < Late OE sott, a fool, or OFr sot, a fool < ML sottus, prob. < Heb shote, a fool

    ...sounds like pretty much the same thing to me...
  67. Don't you just feel sorry for the poor folk who don't have kids? They must be looking at this thread and wondering who they can propose to this weekend, preferably a divorcee with a whole batch already so they can start shooting asap! What a thread! Abe - I for one am also glad I didn't click "notify me of Responses"!
  68. Garry, you bet! And since someone other than me posted, I feel compelled to put a fish pic up myself.

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