Who wouldn't want a camera endorsed by .........?

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  1. Just for fun, I noted some strange endorsements in my files:
    Edixa (Gabby Hayes endorsement) 1957-01 USC.jpg
    (This may make more sense, if any, if you remember Roy Rogers)​
  2. Endorsed by everybody's favorite cowboy... since he was a western star.. seems a little out place.... but a celebrity endorsment is always something
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    An unsurprising number of Movie folk were interested in photography. some notably good. They were photographed more than most people in the course of their employment and private lives as well. Some interest was bound to be the result.
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  4. During the 60's and early 70's some camera makers advertised using characters from popular TV shows. Dick van Dyke from his later show advertised Kodak products. Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched) promoted the Instamatic cameras. During the late 80's, IIRC, tennis star Andre Agassi promoted the EOS Rebel. At the family camera shop (during 80's) we had a life size cardboard cut out of Cheryl Tiegs holding an Olympus OM-10 (complete with manual adapter).
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  6. upload_2022-8-20_8-36-38.jpeg
    promoting the OM-10
  7. I have linked to this before.
    One can argue over who of the 3 celebrities are actually doing the endorsing. I had to look up James Hunt - a Formula 1 race car driver it turns out.
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  8. UK members will remember the Olympus Trip TV commercial with George Cole and David Bailey.

    "Who do you think you are, David Bailey?".
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    Pro golfer Nancy Lopez did a TV ad for the Konica FS-1:

    I also remember Wilt Chamberlain in a magazine ad for the Miranda Sensoret.

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