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  1. Hi All,
    OK heres my *problem*.

    I have 2 monitor, both recently calibrated with a eye1 pro and a spider3.

    A NEC2690wuxi that i calibrated using the eye1 and the spectraview software. In the preference panel on my mac
    under display, the calibration associate with it is call NEC_SEPT01_2008.

    My second monitor is a Apple Cinema Display 23inch metal frame, 2-3years old. I calibrated it with a spider3 last
    month and call this calibration APPLE_SPIDER_AUG01_2008.

    I have one graphic card, and each of them have there own calibrated profile. (strangly i tought that the
    calibration for the NEC was use internaly by him..)

    Follow me for now? good.

    When i have a image on my NEC, and do a screen capture, the profile associated with it when open in Photoshop is;

    tic tac tic tac.....


    Of course if i do the same screen capture on the ACD it will also be APPLE_SPIDER_AUG01_2008.

    If i change the profile to let say LCD display or something basic on both monitor, when i make a screen capture
    on both of them, i still get LCD DISPLAY on both capture image...at least all is the same.

    How the hell can i get the profile NEC_SEPT01_2008 when i do it on my NEC? or at least why dont i have it now?

    *i have tried the regular method of screen capture using CMD+SHIFT+3, and the custom one CMD+SHIFT+4 and they
    both give me the same result.

    I can live with it, just want to understand it : )

    So who will be the winner ; p
  2. The last profile that was created is the active one. One video card means one profile, not two. ;o)
  3. So why can i see my NEC profile on my NEC, and my Apple profile on my Apple? when i go in preference display they have there own profile, and both could be change and i can see the effect on screen..separatly.

    And if the last profile should be use by both, then they should both use my NEC profile then...

    dam, i feel like a newbi today : )..and i like it! LOL
  4. How soon can I expect my $1,000,000.00?
  5. "One video card means one profile, not two. ;o)"

    Well, maybe not anymore, although that's the conventional wisdom. I recently added a second monitor installed a new Diamond Stealth X1050 graphics card, which I was surprised to find does, indeed, allow for separate calibration profiles for each monitor - like having two cards built into one. However, I have a feeling that this card is an exception and that Carl is probably right in most cases.

    In any case, Patrick, when you calibrate each monitor you can create a unique file name for each profile. That way, even if you can't individually assign the profiles, you can toggle back and forth between them, depending on which monitor you need it on at the time. (Toggling, for me, is done in the Profile Chooser in Spyder2 Pro.)

    There is one downside to my card: On startup, each profile gets loaded automatically, which is normal. However, when recovering from sleep mode (Windows XP SP3), the Spyder software does not kick in automatically. I have to go into Profile Chooser and toggle back and forth between the current profile and the previous one to get it reset. (I always keep both the current and previous profile for each monitor resident in the file.)

    Hope this helps.....
  6. I have write a email to Andrew for a clear answer on that.

    But liek i said, when i go to display preference on my mac 2 window open, one on my NEC, the other on my Apple Cinema Display. Both have there own profile and use it, if i change one of them, only this monitor will be affected, the other one dont move. I can also calibrate (or at least i think) both of them separatly, and i can see again the difference between the 2.

    I was just wondering why if as Carl said, that the latest icc profile should be take as the leader, why in that case is the ACD profile that is being used for screen capture? why not the NEC profile? since i screen grab from the NEC?

    heres the image i saw on my mac, each of them are on there own monitor.
  7. when i open the display preference, heres the window on my NEC
  8. when i open the display preference, heres the window on my ACD
  9. of course, both of them open at the same time on there own monitor, and liek i said, i can switch calibration on one of them without touching the other.
  10. Are you surethe profiles are being stored in the right or same location?
  11. Yes, you have more than one profile, but only one video card. If you change the profile for the card, it will change the
    output, and it doesn't matter which monitor you are viewing. Unless I am mistaken, the last profile that you clicked on will
    be the active profile for all connected monitors. I am not aware that your one video card can output more than one profile at
    a time.
  12. I know absolutely nothing about profiling, but I do know about hardware, and not having the possibility of having two
    separate profiles on two separate monitors on a single videocard sounds like 80's technology to me.
  13. Yes Ellis all is at the rigth place.

    let try Carl option, by selecting (again) my NEC profile, let see if my screen grab have it now.

    ...nope. even if i click on the rigth profile again on the NEC, when a do a screen capture, it still give me the spider3 profile created for my apple...

    let try to applied my nec profile to my apple and see what append : )

    ...OK, so now when i change the profile to put the NEC one on both monitor, the NEC look good as before of course, but the Apple look pinkish and light..of course gain. Now when i do a screen capture, both capture give me the NEC as the profile.


    time to go back on my lingerie retouching to change my mind a bit : ) come back later.

    It feel so good to be lost! sometime when you got your cage shake a bit it remind you that theres a lot of stuf in front of you to be understand...and i like to learn!
  14. Martijn, you might be right, but as I said, I'm not aware of that capability. Isn't the idea of having multiple monitors best
    served when they match? If so, how would you get a match by using two different profiles, from two different colormiters?
  15. Carl, neither am I, I am just assuming, but I believe on my MacBook it is possible, and again, I would find it odd, least to say, that a machine couldn't. I don't think it's a hardware restriction anyway.
    Theoretically, all colormeters should give the same end result, right? The whole point of calibrating monitors is to make them look "the same", regardless of the monitor used. This will be easier with the same monitors, but should be possible with different types as well. Then again, all different monitor types have different gamuts, and some are just incapable of displaying certain colors, so I suppose it will never happen. But then again, I know too little to be sure.
  16. Well, I just checked this out, and I am mistaken. It is possible for the video card to output more than one profile at a time.
    Oh well, Patrick didn't send the million anyway.
  17. the check is in the mail : )

    ..no wait it still on my desk..lucky me : )
  18. Patrick, I'm working in PC-land so clearly I'm not up on MAC stuff, but: That profile you show for the NEC looks
    like the default profile for the video card, not a Spyder calibration profile. On a PC, youj can go into Device
    Manager>Monitor>Advanced>Color Management and specify the default profile for each monitor. Actually,
    though, the profile that you created when you calibrated the NEC should automatically become the default
    profile. Do you have something like Spyder2's Profile Chooser, where you can look at the profiles which are
    associated with the Spyder and those which aren't?

    I kind of went through the same turmoil when I installed my new graphics card. It was a lot more fun than setting
    up my wife's new Windows Vista HP........
  19. William, Macs handle all of that in system preferences-displays-color. In that last panel, there may not be a reference to the device that
    created the profile, such as Spyder, etc. However, if you open the individual profiles, their source can be determined. Naturally one needs
    to pay attention there, as it's not all that hard to grab the wrong profile. HTH :eek:)
  20. One thing that makes profile recognition easier is the ability in Spyder (Spyder2 Pro, at least) to create a unique name for the calibration profile. For me, it's the name of the monitor and the date.....
  21. The profile for this Mac is iMac-1. Our other Macs have similar names, all using Spyder 3 Pro. ;o)
  22. guys, the problem is not the name convention here..not sure someone really read what i wrote?

    let keep thing simple another time;

    i have 2 monitor

    1 NEC, use the profile named NEC

    1 ACD, use the profile named ACD

    When i open system preference / display 2 window appear, one on each monitor with the profile name associated with the monitor. NEC for the NEC, ACD for the ACD.

    all follow me until now? good : )

    When i do a screen capture on my NEC monitor using the cmd + shift + 3 i got a image on my desktop.

    When i open this image in Ps, under convert to profile, the profile associated with it, the source one is ACD.

    Remember i said i capture the image on my NEC, so i should see a NEC profile tag with my file right?

    If i do a screen capture on my ACD, i will when open see that this image have a ACD profile.

    still follow me? good.

    Let say i put a sRGB profile to the ACD, the monitor will look wrong i know, but its fine for the test, and let the NEC profile for the NEC.

    If i do another screen capture on my NEC, the profile when open in Ps is now..sRGB.

    So my problem is not a name convention..is that strangely, whatever profile i put on my second connected monitor, a ACD one, if i do a screen capture on my NEC that have a NEC profile apply to it..my image will still have the profile from the second monitor.

    Maybe i could try to exchange the plug to the video card and see from there if the default profile will become the NEC? if i make a screen grab on it...but if that work, that should also mean that a screen grab done on my ACD will also be a NEC profile..

    still follow me? hope so : )

    Did anyone have a macpro, 2 monitor calibrated with a device with 2 different name associated on those 2 monitor willing to make this test and give the result?

  23. I'd post your question here:
  24. I do it on my iMac. When I was using a CRT and the apple, two seperate profiles working at the same time.

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