Who are some of the best Pinhole Photographers

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  1. I've been searching for folks that might be considered the best using pinhole cameras. Specifically, if possible
    6x12. Any thoughts? Thanks - Sean
  2. Abelardo Morell doesn't use a pinhole camera but he does turn rooms into camera obscuras and then photographs the projected image with a conventional large format camera: http://www.abelardomorell.net/
  3. I can't remember his name but the guy who does 110 film canister pinholes is pretty amazing. Lots of shots of his teeth. But that's not exactly 6 x 12... and I guess you mean 6cm x 12cm and not mm or inches right? Many pinholers shoot whole sheets of 8x10 paper as it's easier to handle than film and since there is already a built-in limiting resolution with the images. I think you will find that not many of people's favorite pinholers will be shooting the specific format you are talking about, as the BEST will typically be people who are shooting with cameras they built using pinholes they made by hand which will be higher precision than ones cut with a laser (due to thickness of the material).
  4. Barbara Ess is cool - see the book "I Am Not This Body."
  5. You might take a look a f295.org. Entirely dedicated to lensless and alternative photography.
  6. Thanks all, some very good leads. - Sean
  7. Is Eric Renner still running a site? I think he definitely jolted pinhole back from the almost dead about 15 years ago? I think he published one or two books. John
  8. Renner is still at it, just do a search, lots of links to pinhole matters.
    I think it is Pinhole Resource?

    regards, John
  9. Here is the contents of the pinhole links page from my site:

    f295; The Art of Pinhole Photography
    A community of enthusiasts who share images and wisdom.

    Lenox Laser
    A source for laser-drilled pinholes and useful information.

    Pinhole Photography - History, Images, Cameras, Formulas
    A nice overview of pinhole basics and history by Jon Grepstad

    pinholephotography.com.au (theory)
    Roll your own pinholes

    Zero Image
    Collectible Handmade Wooden Pinhole Cameras (and a nice image gallery)

    Pinhole Photography is a liberating, enlightening and educating experience
    Inspirational images and ideas from Finland

    Pinhole Photographs by Jeff Korte
    Very fine work with large-format pinhole cameras.

    Captured Starlight
    A blog dedicated to alternative & creative photography. Includes excellent
    illustrations for the construction of a curved film-plane panoramic camera.

    Gary Alexander's Pinhole Page
    A designer solution for ultra-wide, ultra-sharp images.

    Pinhole Photography
    from Mexico via Zonezero

    Boy of Blue
    Unique, though not everyone's cup of tea.

    I put that list together mostly for people looking for technical info, but there are also some very good image makers included.

    There used to be quite a few pinhole photographers trying to post images on photo.net, but I think many were discouraged by clueless ratings and comments. There have been some site changes which have improved the environment somewhat, so maybe some will be lured back.

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