Where Should I look in Europe for an MA/MFA in Photography?

Discussion in 'Education' started by allison_schmitter, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. I found the MA in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion. If there are any Europeans out there who had attended or heard anything please fill me in!
    I am interested in fashion photography and any other commercial areas. I haven't fine tuned exactly what I'd like to do in photography, but I would appreciate any suggestions of Master's programs to look into in Europe. I know there are great schools in the US, but I really want to live/work abroad a little and I feel education in London, etc. would really add to my photography.
    Thanks ahead of time for all posts!
  2. hey, i would recommend not to go to an english speaking country, and london is way too expensive and the art schools there are not that great from what i've heard. you might be tempted by FAMU, but don't go. the master's program for foreigners is *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#*. i just quit the bachelor's program. i've heard really really good things about the photography school in Helsinki. There's a good school in Madrid, but Madrid is *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* to live in, but then again Barcelona is amazing, but Pompeu Fabra is ashit school. hope this helped in any way.
  3. And so..very interesting guestion. Really where is what place where to live not *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* and to study is really excellent?
  4. i also have the same question , i want to do
    MA/MFA in Photography

    please help me as im a foreign student so dont know much
  5. hey, i would recommend not to go to an english speaking country.........
    i just quit the bachelor's program​
    That just seems like a spontaneous reaction to one bad experience you have had.
  6. If you're interested in actually becoming a fashion/commercial photographer, then start assisting. Hiring execs and assignment editors want to see your portfolio, and won't care if you finished high school or not. An MA might be useful if you want to teach someday... and an MFA is generally required for teaching at the university level.
  7. I applied to Universidad Europea de Madrid, they offer an Masters in Photography. The program looks really good and the timing is just perfect.
    waiting for their response.
  8. The low-residency programs at Transart Institute may be an interesting alternative as they combine a three week summer intensive residency period in Berlin and a week-long winter residency in New York City with individual study during the semester. Best of luck in your search. Klaus

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