What's with "Waiting for ad.afy11.net" ?!

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by les, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. les


    Browsing through the site has become well, almost impossible. Whenever I go to any thread in any forum and then I
    use the "Back" browser button - PN stops responding with the above described message. In the end PN page
    refreshes - but only after waiting for a long time. Hrrrrrrr....
  2. Your browser is being asked to fetch an ad from that address, and the page doesn't consider itself done until it has. Depending on the browser you're using, try hitting ESC (the escape key) or click your browser's STOP button so that it gives up on that fetch more quickly.

    While photo.net does have the choice to run, or not, ads from that source, they can't control when that third party's web servers, or your path over the internet TO that web server, is slow or broken. So, tell you browser just to stop. That usually does the trick.
  3. That waiting thing must be specific to your location or your Internet provider in the place or city/country to live.
    Perhaps nothing like that happens in the USA, well... most of the time. There are periods of slow response as well,
    but they usually are not that drastic, and if that happens, they are usually not attributed to a single advertising
  4. les


    Maybe...the funny thing is, this is happening ONLY when browsing PN. Not a hint of any problems with any other website.
  5. That is because they use different ad servers.
  6. I was experiencing exactly the same issue. Try clearing your browsers cache you'll probably find the problem is
  7. I'm also getting the really long loads. Sometimes I can see the page if I cancel the load, sometimes not.

    The message I see in the activity log is: "Can't find host"

    Here's the base URL it's trying to get: http://optimized-by.rubiconproject.com/


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