What's that camera? Cindy Sherman in today's NY Times

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  1. Hi all:
    Anyone care to hazard a guess or, even better, offer an informed answer to the question, what is the camera Cindy Sherman is holding in this portrait of her in the NYTimes today?
    To me it looks like an F3 HP with an AF lens on it, like the 28-105 or the 70-210 zooms. But if THAT's the case, I guess I'm in the wrong forum.
  2. I'll vote for an F3HP, based on the unique flash connector around the rewind knob.
    I have no clue about the lens. It does have a coupling tab for metering.
    - Leigh
  3. Gotta be a F3 with the prism, rings, and rewind lever. The lens is a bit of a mystery though. Possibly some off brand.
  4. I stared at the picture for a long time, trying to figure this out. At first I thought that was a Photomic prism, but then the thick nameplate and the shutter button in the center of the film advance threw me. I shudder to even consider it, but maybe it's a Ricoh...?
  5. At first I thought that was a Photomic prism, but then the thick nameplate and the shutter button in the center of the film advance threw me.​
    I looked at my F3HP. It looks just like the one she's holding.
    The HP finder looks the same, with the release levers on the side.
    The body looks the same, with release in the center of the wind, and PC sync below the rewind.
    - Leigh
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    That must be an old photo or a setup, Sherman has been all digital since 2008. She's pretty heavy into digital manipulation of her photos also.
  7. It's a Nikon F3HP.
  8. Jeff, is there somewhere to read about Sherman's digitalization? I don't think her iconic photos even from film era are 35mm. Don't see how it's possible. For a while she was very into the insanely insane -- did I say insane? insane.... -- Polaroid 20 x 24. Does that camera still exist? I wonder how many were made.
  9. Yes, She is known for loving her F3. Was a cable channel release several years ago that divulged that. She was adamant about the F3.
  10. I have a neat little plugin for Firefox called "Image Zoom," which allows you to zoom in on any jpg image on a webpage. Using that, it's pretty easy, despite the blur, to confirm the F3 prism releases, among other features.
  11. Spearhead

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    is there somewhere to read about Sherman's digitalization?​



    There's also an interview from Canon's Professional group with her, not sure where it is online.
  12. The lens could be a 35-70/2.8 AF,
  13. Camera definitely looks to be an F3, the lens in my mind is the AF Nikkor 70-210mm/4-5.6.
  14. Yeah, definitely an F3, and I think the lens is most likely a 35-105 AF Nikkor.

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