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  1. Hi,
    I'm looking for a used lens in the 240 mm range. I have been offered the following three lenses:
    240 5.6 Sironar (condition B)
    240 5.6 Symmar – S MC (condition A/B)
    240 5.6 MC Sinaron S (condition B)
    All three lenses are mounted in a Sinar Lens board prepared for the behind-the-lens-shutter, so they fit my Sinar P. They should cover the 5x7 format. The first two are about the same price, the third one costs about the double. I’m inclined to buy the second done, since it has a good price and is in the best condition. What would your suggestions be? Is the Sinaron S really worth the double price?
    Thanks for helpful advices.
    May the light be with you, Miha.
  2. AJG


    If the Sironar isn't the multicoated version, I would go with the Symmar S that is.
  3. Do you have an opportunity to expose a sheet or two of film from each before making the decision? If so, expose a few sheets, process and make a fine print at the size you usually work with.
    Reality usually shows little viewable differenc in most lenses in the final print.
    If your test shows one is 'better' than the other two in your judgment - buy it.

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