What is/was Kodak ColorPlus film?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by craig_sander, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. I was downtown last night having dinner, and I went into a gas station, and
    while I was standing there waiting for my change, I noticed some film behind
    the counter. There were a few boxes of Kodak Gold 200, and then two boxes of
    something called ColorPlus. I noticed the boxes read Kodak on them as well, but
    I have never heard of this film before.
    Anyone else know what these were?
  2. Found this:
  3. I very much doubt this film is the same as Gold 200. It may be a relabelled VR Plus film which is sold in some stores as well across Europe and the Aldi stores in the US as well. The only thing you can do is buy a roll and see what the edge markings may say.
  4. Now I'm curious.
    The box was yellow and had red markings on it, which led me to believe it was 100 speed film.
    Problem is, it was a 36 exposure roll for 8.99.
    I don't know if its worth it, but I sure would be interested in finding out exactly what it is.
  5. I have to off those rolls.

    Kodak Color Plus Film
    36Exp./poses Film
    CAT 611 0076
    ISO 200/24?
    DB 135-36
    Process C-41
    Made in U.S.A
    Finished in Mexico
    Expires in 08/2009

    I have not try it yet, since I am using a Chinese Film Called VASTCOLOR ISO200 the next roll will be one of those Kodak.
    I hope it helped.
  6. I bought some Kodak Color Plus in a drugstore a while ago. It was about 3$ for a roll, a little
    more if I took included processing. Edge marking says Kodak 200-8.

    It's pretty crappy stuff in objective terms: poor saturation, grain, not too much sharpness,

    With some experimentation, I'm sure one could coax it into interesting things, but I'll stick to
    Gold 200 the next time I need drugstore prints.
  7. The Kodak ColorPlus is one of my favoruit films for most of the reasons mentioned, It is a low quality film that i think responds nicely to "push printing" (scanning) whit interesting color casts and grain.
    This is a scan of a slightly light damaged frame, that was originally under exposed 1 stop and corrected in scan/digitizing.

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