What is this new "Accessory Terminal"?

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  1. I just saw an item WR-A10 among Nikon's accessories. It converts the 10 pin socket to something Nikon is calling a new "Accessory Terminal", which appears to be a flat strip-like socket. So does this mark the end of the much-loathed round 10-pin socket?
    Any more info anyone can add? Like does the new terminal support more functions or have more pins? Too much to hope that it's based on an industry standard socket.
    A search on Nikon UK's site for "accessory terminal" turned up nothing, not even the WR-A10.
    Edit: At the cheeky price Nikon is asking for this simple adapter, I can see 3rd party knock-offs being tooled up for in China right now.
  2. So, its only purpose is to adapt a WR-R10 to the 10 pin socket? The implication of the description on Nikon's website is that the new "accessory terminal" as they're calling it will become a standard camera fitment.
    Edit: You'd think that having the number 10 in the name of the WR-R10 would indicate it was a native fit to the 10 pin socket. Nikon's logic defies common sense again!
  3. I seem to keep digging up old threads :)

    Since acquiring the Df, I've been trying to find a cable that connects the 10-Pin (male) Di-GPS I have to the accessory terminal on the Df. The latter is where the GPS1 etc. connect into but since I don't have a GPS1, I was wondering if there exist cables that have a male accessory terminal end and a female 10 pin socket so that I can connect my Di-GPS to that (and attach it to the strap). The alternative is to buy another $300 dedicated Di-GPS for the Df which is what I am trying to avoid.

    Since the accessory terminal is used on other Nikon bodies, are there after market or other specialized vendors that provide cabling of non-standard types? I found a Russian site that provides some pin out info (Nikon UC-E6 USB and A/V cable pinout diagram @ pinoutguide.com) but I'd rather buy something nicely made versus trying and solder my own thing together.

    Any ideas or leads welcome.... :cool:
  4. Good one.

    I guess the original post 'issue' about the new connector just died.

    Or is it a mini hdmi or USB-C?
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    Try B&H - they appear to have what you need. Pictures of GPS & cable in use sure ugly up a sleek camera.
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  6. The upper end of the DSLRs continue to have the 10-pin terminal for supporting existing accessories. The WR-A10 adapter (announced in 2013) allows Nikon's first-generation radio camera/flash trigger/receivers (WR-R10 transceiver originally supporting remote triggering of cameras, augmented via the 2016 FW update to trigger the SB-5000 flash) to to be mounted on either 10-pin (with adapter) or non-10 pin type of camera (without adapter). You can trigger cameras from a WR-T10 hand trigger, or a set of cameras simultaneously with a master camera using a set of WR-R10's (with or without the WR-A10 adapter, depending on the camera type). It seems that Nikon had supply/manufacturing issues of the transceiver for a while and they have announced the replacements which are called the WR-R11a (for cameras with the 10-pin connector) and WR-11b (for cameras without the 10-pin connector). The WR-R11a is the transceiver which now fits directly on the 10-pin connector, so it seems the WR-A10 adapter is being phased out. The WR-R11a looks like this:

    WR-R11a Remote Controller

    And the WR-R11b like this:

    WR-R11b Remote Controller

    More information here:

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  7. So, I guess the Z8/9 may or may not have a 10 pin socket!

    ..and that socket is what? The same as the ancient MC-DC2 'cable' release fits in?
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  8. Yes, the MC-DC2 uses the same terminal as the WR-R11b and WR-R10.

    I am not sure if Nikon sees the value of using the 10-pin connector in high-end Z models; it has the benefit that if it is tightened the cord can't accidentally be pulled off from the camera, and there are numerous old accessories that use that terminal, but on the other hand, there would be benefits in standardizing around a single connector for the Z lineup. Also, inserting the 10-pin connector and tightening it can be a slower process than just plugging in a device into the terminal used for the MC-DC2.
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  9. Agreed! I often take either my D500 or D850 out for walkabout. Swapping the GPS tagger from one 10 pin to the other 10 pin is a real PITA!
  10. Have you thought about using Snapbridge to import GPS data from the phone to the camera? I find that for this purpose it works OK. The phone can also be connected to multiple cameras at the same time, I believe. I'm not sure if battery consumption could become an issue though, if leaving the connection always on, it's ... always on, even when the camera is off. I should test how much the GPS connection draws power in the D850. In wintertime the small EN-EL15 series batteries need to be swapped fairly frequently. On the D6, the built-in GPS seems to draw very little power even though it stays connected to satellites even when the camera is off.
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  11. I cannot fix my GPS firm to the 10-pin plug, as I do not have piano fingers, so I am using a small noseplyer, of which I have had at least 6 confiscated in airports, as I forget to take them out of the photo bag. I have a friend his has damaged 2 of the GPS – he can relative easy attach it to the 10 pin plug, but he can see/feel when it is lose so he can take it out, with the result that he pulls in the GPS and stands with it in his hand, but the plug is still in the camera!! I have been waiting since D700 that Nikon would make a build in unit!
  12. The 10pin Nikon plug & socket is almost as bad as the PC flash sync socket and plug.

    Demand for design legacy kept both in use way beyond their sensible replacement..... mainly due to the 'You can't change one without the other' mindset.

    Sometimes that's not a problem such as the BS Whitworth threads for camera and tripod fittings. It's not Metric, but it's not a design compromise.

    Othertimes, it's just daft, although I can see why it happens.

    My guessing is that the 10pin is not going to appear in the Z system. D850/D500 replacement maybe..?
  13. Well, the 10-pin connector does have the advantage over the PC sync connector and MC-DC2 port that you cannot accidentally remove the cable (if tightened). Although I think the 10-pin connector is fiddly to use and requires some finger dexterity, it's not a problem I can't overcome. If the locking is too difficulty then just press it in and forget about tighening it. It'll still work and arguably better than the PC cord which almost never stays connected in my experience, it has to be the most unreliable connector I've ever used.
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  14. Just in-case anyone thought I was being crass, BS is short for British Standard. ....:D

    1/4", 3/8" and 5/8" BSW still 'populate' camera and surveying equipment. It's a particularly coarse thread, so quick to tighten.
  15. That's what I ended up doing with the GPS dongle thingy. It has a short lanyard for securing to the body mounted strap loop in-case it jiggles free.

    At least the 10pin version hides at the front, unlike the Z 'accessory port' version which kinda sits on the side.

    Eco ProSumer M

    They refer to the attachment socket as .....

    Direct attached to the rectangular 10pin terminal

    Is the Accessory Port simply a flattened 10pin round connector??
  16. Ok, time to dig up more threads :)
    So I got the same gps unit on the Df now. I am looking for a way to attach the GPS unit a little further up, maybe attached to the strap, with a small extension cord (MC-DC2 male and female). But so far, I have had no luck finding anything like that. The problem is that having to remove it (and the lanyard) every time you stick the camera in a bag gets kind of old. I have fancied something in one of my bags where the camera can sit flat and the GPS unit does not touch anything. But it would be too cumbersome to travel with. Lots of trigger extension and flash extension cords with the MC-DC2 accessory plug but nothing male and female ... anyone have any ideas? Pics for clarity:



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