What is the Best Digital Camera under $400?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by lynnwood42, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. Hi, I am wondering what digital camera you all would recommend under
    $400.00? I had a Kodak Easy Share camera, which was only 3.1MP, but
    worked pretty well, but it just broke. I really don't want to spend
    more than $400.00. What would you suggest? Is the Sony DSCW5 any
    good? Thanks!
  2. Canon A95 and the Sony W5 are good choices.

    Most digital point and shoot cameras in this price range would be sufficient. The differences are most often subtle at best.
  3. Don't listen to Jessica. There is a best! Just look at the Panasonic FZ3. Well, okay, maybe she's right, but I like the FZ3 anyway. :)

    But you know, if you were willing to stick to film, you can get a lot of camera for $400.
  4. Have you considered the Panasonic FZ1 or FZ1?

    These have 6x stabilised zoom lenses in a small pocketable package!
    Also the Pentax Optio 450/550/555/750z are great pocketable cameras too!
  5. Hello Ms Wood, Here's the problem; if you spend your entire nest egg on a digital SLR body then you'll need to get a paper route to buy lenses. If you get a digital point and shoot then you will be forever limited by the attached lens (teeny tiny widdle wens with few options for shallow depth of field). Having observed your progress from pic.#1, in all honesty your work seemed to hit a bump when you snagged your sweater on the digital bandwagon. Whatever happened to your Minolta zoom lens? Did it die when it started clicking? Do you still have the Minolta body? I hope you don't end up with another stop-gap camera like your Kodak. You have done your time and you deserve the positive reinforcement that comes from being amazed by your own work. The folks who recommend the Panasonic are correct. It's a great one of whatever it is. They make the body for the digital Leica! I think the lens on the Panasonic is made by Leica. In looking at your photography future, consider which brands will still be around in a few years. Congrats on the baby (if that's you behind the ripples). G.E.
  6. Lynn, you might want to take a look at the recently discontinued Sony DSC-P150, which
    B&H is selling (in black only) for around $325. That leaves you a bit of room to buy some
    memory. The advantages of the 150 over some of the alternatives is that is uses Sony's
    very good 7-megapixel chip, which yields excellent image quality, and its response time is
    very fast. It's not a "do-everything" digicam but it seems to be a good bargain for the
    current price.
  7. I am very happy with my Canon A70- not they have similar models- A75, A80, A90 whatever.

    Sony doesn't understand cameras compared to Canon. I was shocked at the lack of f stops in manual mode on one Sony I looked at- a highly rated one.

    In manual the canon adjusts shutter and aperture in 1/3 stop increments, and there is no pre-flash, so it works well with slaves.

    The A serices use AA batteries, and they are cheap these days.
  8. used Nikon D1. absolutly.

    I practically stole mine for a mear $385 and it's an f'ing DREAM. 2.7MP but i've interpolated that as high as 8MP and couldn't tell that it was an interpolated image.
  9. If you're buying in the US Nikon is running a $200 rebate on the Coolpix 5400. That brings it's final price after the rebate to between $300 and $250. It's a very good camera and definitely worth a look.
  10. I find it so unfortunate that so many responses to this question include recommendations for cameras with only a 3x optical zoom. Most users who purchase a 3x optical zoom will soon realize that is insufficient for may of their photo needs. The Canon S1 IS, the Olympus C5500, and the Olympus C-770, for instance are all are great cameras, have at least 5x optical zoom and at least 4 megapixel resolution, and they are all currently under $300! A small overall dimension is nice, but if you are willing to give up one-half inch on each side, you can have twice the camera. DON'T LIMIT YOURSELF with a 3x optical zoom -- you will regret it.

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