What is my Minox B worth?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by lou__, Nov 16, 1999.

  1. I inherited a Minox B in a green leather case with measuring chain, flash unit and accessories (Serial Number 809 830)from my aunt. It looks brand new. I would like to sell it, but have no idea of what value to put on it.


  2. It all depends on condition of your camera.
    You may check out ebay, search for "Minox", and monitor the on going auction of various Minox gears.
  3. The value depends on the condition of the camera, mostly. Model B
    cameras seem to fetch prices both high and low. Look at the recently
    closed auctions on eBay for an idea. If the camera is mechanically
    flawless, obviously, that is better. Likewise for cosmetics. If you go
    the eBay route, especially with a model B, include a photo; you will
    attract more interest from bidders. Also, find out if the selenium
    meter is working accurately, and advertise the fact in your listing if
    it is. I recently sold a model B, black, and a cosmetically unmarked
    but mechanically flawed chrome B; in both cases the pictures helped,
    other flaws notwithstanding.
  4. If you go to the site KEH camera brokers at www.keh.com and navigate
    to their online catalog, see what similar cameras they have and how
    much they are asking. They are a used camera broker, I have found
    them to be rather reliable . They have a grading scale with nice &
    accurate definitions for NEW, EX+, EX, etc. Usually have a decent
    selection, but lots of turnover - so they may have a similar set up
    as above, or you can piece together the price from the "accessories"


    Wouldn't recommend their quote service, since they will quote you a
    wholesale price and not an actual value. I have tried to get "value"
    quotes from them but they always come back with wholesale quotes only
    (what they would pay, not the open market).

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