What is infrared film used for?

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  1. I`ve seen infrared film offered in Minox cartdidges and heard of Minoxers slitting 35mm infrared film into Minox format.What is infrared film used for?What do the results look like?
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    Lance, I am glad you ask this question. You open up a new chapter here in FAQ: Minox Infrared Photography.
    There is an excellent Infrared Photography FAQ website.
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    <p>Infrared film also has special application for espionage.
    <p>Microtec once sold retrofitted Infrared Minox EC camera set for special agents.
    <p> This Infrared Minox EC came with a 8x11 flash, modified with infrared filter. The EC lens was recalibrated to focus at document copying distance.
    <p> Equiped with this Infrared Minox EC and flash set, a special agent can copy secret document at office without being seen, as he was copying document with infrared light on infrared film.
  4. I`m wondering if infrared film records heat,like police helicopters
    with forward-looking infrared that shows glowing image of heat source
    (hidden person,car engine,etc.)and would show up on negative as
    glowing heat source?
    A ghost hunter/author I met uses infrared film to record images
    of "ghosts" or "spirits" at haunted places.Anybody heard of this?
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    Lance here is an aswer to your quesiton

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