What is a Torpedo finder?

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  1. Thanks for all the information, Christopher and JDMVW. No need for me to post photo of the VIDOM as everyone either knows what it looks or can find a photo of it on the Net. The trick is seeing the world upside down as I shoot. Disconcerting the first day. More fun today. HCB said it helped him frame better. I'm sensing that. I am using it on the Fuji X-E1 with a Fuji autofocus 35/1.4 (=50). Closeups are tricky--more so than with other external finders I've used. The VIDOM is wonderfully clear. Nothing I've shot is worth posting yet but I am having fun. Thanks again.
  2. Kind-of like shooting a TLR with only the waist level finder with everything reversed. Been years since I shot with a Rolleiflex and would probably take some getting re-used to today.

    A fun way to get into the “feel” of a period camera alright. I’m afraid though, if it was me now, I’d spring for an Imarect finder, LOL.
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  3. I was about to start questioning my sanity as I have a "pointy" external finder and I remember it being correct left to right. It seems as though mine is an "Imarect" VIOOH. I know that's a totally different matter from what's being discussed here, but mine seems a good match for my IIIc with a 35mm lens.

    I use TLRs occasionally still and WLFs on SLRs all the time, but I don't know how I'd do with a reversed eye-level. The WLF changes my perspective somewhat and helps me to mentally shift gears to everything being laterally reversed.
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  4. The Imarect may be a marketing contraction for "Image Erect". The first time I ever saw the finder in use was by my father on his Leica IIIc with the f3.5 35 Summaron lens. That would be in the early 50's. It has seen a lot of use.
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  5. Like Mr. Von Weinberg's link indicates, "Torpedo" viewfinders are typically single magnified and just One or Two frame views.
    Typically less expensive than the Leitz/Leica offerings, the Zeiss made units are amazing in their choice of materials & overall quality.


    Mounted to a Contax IIa and accompanying 8.5cm f/2 Sonnar
    This is the ultra compact & equally impressive, diopter & parallax corrected 'German' Zeiss model #438 "Torpedo" VF
    Featuring 85mm full view magnification with 135mm brightlines.​
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