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  1. software purchased and received as a download (no disc) if your computer has a
    major crash resulting in the program being lost. Will the company allow you
    to re-download the software agian using a registration number?
  2. most of them will let you do that.
    You can also burn a backup copy to a disc...along with your user ID

  3. If you provide sufficient information about the PC (serial number, etc.) to the manufacturer, you may be able to buy a set of system recovery CDs, depending how old the system is.
  4. Usually, the vendor supplies you with a serial # or "key" that you should file away for reference. In fact, you should make a backup copy of the software on CD or external hard drive, then reinstall from there if you should be unlucky enough to have a crash (been there, done that, bought the T-shirt).....
  5. several possibilities.

    some software companies... say like Alcohol 120 from alcohol software, keep a record of your purchase and so all you do is log back on to their site (requires that you remember your registration information) and you can download the newest version of the software, and you get a new authorization code based on your computer's signature.. the code is of course Very long.

    some companies you have 30 days to download the software (sometimes a limited number of times) and you are advised to back up the software to cd or something and save your registration code too (I usually save the webpage with the number on it),, these same companies will sometimes sell you an 'extended download' time (like in the case with PCillin 2006 or 2005) but if you back up your downloaded copy,, then you don't need this. ... also at least in this case (similarly with CS2) you need to register online for the software to operate (you have your code.. then the computer sends another code to an online site and another code is generated and sent back to your computer)

    MOSTLY when you download/purchase your online software,, READ the fine print on your order/authorization page. it will tell you how to go about this.
  6. But Denis, Can you actually reinstall (or even just run) installed software files that have been backup-copied to another disk? Would the computer's Registry have issues with that?

    I'm interested too!


  7. I still pay a little more, when possible, to own a CD or DVD of the title I bought. I've been burned a few times when my email address changed and they would only send me the registration code to the old address.
  8. Thank you all for the prompt responses. Good point Axel about the changing email address. Fortunately only $40 is tied up in this one program (20/20MD) and I was able to burn a disc of the download. Kirk, the creator, assures all I have to do in the event of a crash is apply my reg.# to the download when prompted to get rolling again.
  9. Dave. When you download the .exe you burn a copy to CD/DVD. Along with a text document of your Auth Code if necassary. When ever you need to re install it you just put the disk in and do so.
  10. Not all software cases are so rosy.

    Some allow you to install from whatever you may have, or download again. BUT, you have to re-register the software over the Internet, entering all the original data exactly as the original was - from scribbles that you hopefully made during the first time installation.

    Sometimes the opriginal installation has many items like serial number, unlock Key code, UserName, Computer name, email address, etc. Once you miss any of them a letter or a single space or letter case, the re-registration will fail.

    Then you send email to the original software vendor, and it turns out that some proxy service does it for them, and sends you another set of data, that most likely would not work. Then you email again, (most likely you cannot call them), and the story starts all over again.

    If you have multiple network ports in your computer, and change the cable, you could be surprised that even registered software may refuse to work. Some software occasionally verifies validity via Internet!

    You need to be careful where you download from if you pay for.
    Purchasing CD version is not always possible, but even if so, the same Internet registration can get you. Do you have the time for this ?

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