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  1. My grand-daughter plays for a club soccer team and I take photos of her (and her team mates) for my own enjoyment and for her scrap book.
    Many of the parents have ask me about getting some bigger prints of their daughters and ask me what I'd charge. All modesty aside I do good work and wouldn't mind picking up some extra money to fund another lens.
    Basic question is --- What would you charge for the various sizes and I'm thinking 4"x6", 11"x14's, 16"x24" and, depending on the image maybe 20"x30". The girls are all from affluent familes if that makes any difference.
    If this works out I might even branch out to offering prints to the parents of the opposing teams but would do that using an internet service.
  2. Seek out some of the other local sports photographers websites in your area. That will tell you what the market is like there. Other than that it is really up to you and what you think your time is worth.
    But what ever you do don't give away your pictures. There is nothing worse than finding out the guy next you taking pictures is just burning them to a disk and passing them out to all the players for free. I guess some people like to work for free and have plenty of money coming out of their pockets that they can afford to spend thousands of dollars and not worry about it.
    Sorry for getting on a soap box. Anyway take a look at others in your local area, that is going to be your best bet to see what the market will allow for.
  3. I do not know what market you live/work in, but as the above poster said, PLEASE do not underprice yourself (as so many GWC's (guy's with cameras) do and give away your work! $25 per 8x10 is very low...see what the default price on sites like Smugmug, etc,, are charging and price accordingly. DO NOT sell yourself short! Especially if the work warrants the price. FYI it has been my experience that the cheapest of the cheapskates are usually the richest. The rich have a phobia of losing even a dollar. Good luck.
  4. Bill -
    You can see my area and prices by going to my profile and website - and yes - I do charge less than $25.00 for an 8x10.
    I charge more than some of my competition and less than others. Pretty much middle of the road. I have conversations with parents all the time at events and find out what their price point is. A couple of events ago a parent stopped and looked at my pricing and photos and said for the price - she'd buy 2 and did. She indicated that her child was at another event where the photographer was charging approximately 3x what I was for a photo that wasn't nearly as good quality wise - she didn't buy from them.
    In this economy - parent - even affluent ones are watching every dime.
  5. Am charging $2.50 for 4x6, $6.00 for 5x7, and 10 for 8x10. Also do $20.00 a game for a cd of one kid.
  6. Bill, don't do what have done. Underpricing. I've stop taking photo because I was selling it to low and, while I did cover me expenses (in the 70's), but it wasn't enough for the long run.
    There's nothing wrong making a profit. I like Patrick's view.
  7. Right now I'm charging $10 for a 4x6 then $5 for additional and $20 for 8x10 and $10 for each additional. Had a volleyball parent ask for a CD so they could make an iMovie for their senior banquet and charged the $50 I would if asked to come shoot a team's game. If they request a game shot like that I'll give 4x6's for $5 besides the $50 and CD of all shots.
    Not sure what I'll price stuff at once I finally get on exposure manager (or smugmug etc) and get the "stock" individuals on there. Are you able to give discounts like that via those sites?
  8. key term Affluent...... Charge them up the nose. I appreciate the money and talent it takes to bring my boy's best moments to my Wall. I would gladly pay $50 or more for a photo that shows my child for the 'king' that he is. Ljungberg watch out. The flip side is this. We, collectively, as photographers have spent an inordinate amount of time and money to perfect our craft. If we continuously undercut eachother then what is left? I recently shot a major sports game and had my shots interupted by Point and Shoot photographers that had no sense of professionalism and stepped up (and blocked my lens) to watch, NOT SHOOT, but watch a moment happen. I'm sorry, but a Canon A520 is not going to match my Canon 1DmkII w/ a 70-200,, f2.8 lens. I know two guys that will beat that claim (tsoi, you're one of them) but there is good photos and "Holy *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* how did you do that" photos. I'm willing to bet that the family on the side lines isn't one of them. Charge them HEAVILY, and Charge them for the excellent photos that you deliver. This stuff costs money and we should be compensated for the talent that we bring to the table. We need to stop being bashful. Yes, Digital doesn't cost the same to take 500 shots a game as Film used to, but the equipment cost hasn't changed. I still don't have the resources to buy a 400mm f2.8 lens, and I still don't have my Doctorate. Someday I'll have both, but the affluent folks, who's child's life is confirmed to go to Yale, can help when I provide them an image that will present them with a sense of pride every time they look at their Child before they partake of their Christmas Dinner of Ham, Turkey and Goose.
    Go BIG or go home.
    Your Humble commentator
    Joseph Armand
  9. The comments have all been very good and I hope to get more.....let me add another question.
    What size prints do you offer and which are your better sellers?
  10. Bill -
    I offer 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and poster sized.
    The best seller is the 4x6 followed by the 8x10.
  11. I'm one of those GWC's (guy's with cameras) and take pictures at equestrian events to keep from being bored (love my kid, hate her sport) BUT I only do it for the folks with the farm and then only a few select exposures. We post them on flickr and on facebook where the folks from the farm can download/ look at them. I don't give out CDs (anymore) for free and some of the barn crew wanted to get my out to an event that my daughter wasn't at. She pimped my out for a day fee of $50 there were no takers.
    If you are doing it for fun my two cents is continue it for fun but if you want to start a little business then jump into to it whole hog and charge everyone. But I bet there will be few takers from your group and possibly a few bad feelings toward you.
  12. We need to stop being bashful.
    My belated New Year's Resolution. Thank you, Joseph! Your pep talk worked on me.

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