What came with a Beseler Topcon C circa 1961

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  1. A friend gave me his Topcon C which he had purchased new back then. It has the original box with warranty card, a leather neverready, 3 Topcon filters in their boxes, and the 5.8cm f/1.8 lens. Normal stuff. What was unusual was a Beseler card with the results of actually testing all shutter speeds with this camera and a Beseler folder with two 4 frame film strips showing a test chart taken at all f stops with this lens. Amazing what could be accomplished when labor was cheap! Someday I'll get around to taking some images of all this and add them to this post.
  2. Looking forward to your additions.
    Here's what it looks like


    and here is the 1961 Guide data on it from Modern Photography 1960-12
    For $295 1960 dollars (= $2,238 2014 $, more or less), you could do a lot, even today
  3. Here's the ad for it in the same issue:
  4. One lives and learns...I had no inkling that Topcon were motivated enough to supply that data with the camera. Thanks Chauncey and JDM; interesting stuff.
  5. What Rick said.. they took their products seriously... The "passed" sticker of Japanese quality control was
    ummm reassuring, but this is when manufacturer's cared about their products. I think the expression "put
    your money where your mouth is" was taken at face value.

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