What black tape to cover Leica logos?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by jack_markham, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. What kind of black tape will cover the white Leica logos on my black
    paint M6 body without harming the paint?
  2. use a paper tape. electrical tape is not good as it leaves a residue

  3. Just out of curiosity, why would you want to do that? Is it for a special stealth purpose or what?

    Also, I often use black electrician's tape to attach a PC wire or keep a battery cover in place on a flash, and I never have a problem gently rubbing off the tiny amounts of residue that are left.

    If the black enamel is so delicate I wonder why anyone would want a camera with that finish. I'm not being sarcastic; just truthful.

    Why not try a tiny bit of electricians tape on the bottom of the camera for a few days and see what happens.
  4. I was told that Electrician's tape may contain chemical corrosive to the Leica or Leitz logo and also to the white paint,any good subsitute besides a tailor made paper tape with glue?
  5. Jack

    IMHO taping the logo on a camera is a lot of pretentious twaddle, harking back to Henri Cartier Bresson ( ands some others)who thought if he covered the logo on the camera people would not think they were having their picture taken by a serious photographer. He took some very good pictures, but everything he did was not worth emulating holus bolus.

    Most people I know who do it take no better pictures with it than without it. I HAVE put black tape, electricians tape to boot, over all the rest of the metal parts of the body to protect against scratching. I had it on for 2 years, then when I sold the camera, it took only 1/2 hr with some lighter fluid to clean it up with no damage.

  6. I find plastique explosive tape works great. Just before you go out to shoot, stand back about 10 yards, detonate it and viola...you don't have to worry about theft at all. IMO this is such a non-issue...any thief that knows what a Leica is worth quite probably knows what one looks like.
  7. Richard wrote: "IMHO taping the logo on a camera is a lot of pretentious twaddle"

    Well, Leica spells expensive camera to muggers in a big city. My twaddley common sense tells me to cover it up. Besides, the camera takes better pictures with it covered. :)
  8. I STRONGLY recommend the black gaffers tape you can buy in photo shops. It is paper based and does not leave any residue even after many months.

    I have, by the way, taped over the names on my N---- cameras but for a totally different reason: I don't think I should have to act as an unpaid billboard for some company's products. If N---- (or L----) wants their name paraded around they can darn well pay me for it!

    I feel the same way about T-shirts, watches, and other "designer" products.

    Now, if you REALLY want to discourage thieves, do as I did with my F3, sand the black paint off the pentaprism (and anywhere else you feel like it)! Even the dullest-witted thief knows that a shiny camera is worth more than a beat up looking one.
  9. ky2


    Get the Leica Black Tape ofcourse. Stocked at any serious Leica shop, it retails for $599 a roll. =).

  10. Paint the whole camera pink. You'll no longer have to worry about
    the "value" issue and it should still be capable of making good
  11. Cartier-Bresson did not have to tape over logos on the front -there were none. He was trying to cover eye-catching, shiny
    chrome, not to prevent theft, but to get as many shots as possible from different angles without being noticed. The
    bright white logos on the front of many cameras today are best covered with black photographic masking tape, which
    leaves no residue and is usually available at any photo shop that sells darkroom supplies....
  12. I'd just use that not-too-sticky black archival photo/art tape. Dunno what it's called but I've got it coming out my ears.
  13. >>Leica spells expensive camera to muggers in a big city<<

    Camera savvy thieves? Possible but somehow I doubt it. That sort of person would take an Ilford Sportsman if they saw it round your neck. Taping over a red dot is really not going to be a deterent.
  14. Carl, what's it feel like to have all that tape coming out your ears? And how did it get there in the first place?

    Anybody know where I can get some white Leica logo stickers for my Zorki 4?
  15. I suspect that a thief savvy enough to know the value of Leicas and know a fence who will pay him big money for one probably won't be fooled by a piece of tape. A Canon Rebel with a 28-200 consumer zoom is a much juicier target for street thieves than a Leica. At the cafe or gallery, people occasionally ask about my Leica; in bars and on the street, they might ask about that funny-looking camera.
  16. If you STILL use a Leica with a red dot, get with the program. You should upgrade to a new MP as soon as possible. Think of all those poor starving workers in Germany who need your euros.
  17. I thought that you could pry the red dot off with a knife. The white lettering can be gone over with a fine point Sanford Sharpie permanent marker. Why risk having tape residue on your Leica?
  18. I have black electric tape on my M. I don't like people reading my camera while I'm trying to take
    candids of them. Same as with t-shirts or caps. I don't like people reading me. ;-)
  19. Permacel black gaffer tape.

  20. Pry it off with a pointed and sharp knife like a scalpel, or read the archives here, which have already discussed exactly the same issue, manyfold, abundantly! In order to remove glue residues, wipe with petroleum ether (e.g. heptane or even white gas).
  21. Black photographic masking tape. You can tape your whole Leica with it! Best.
  22. Michael, as usual, I am waiting for the impressive round of links in your library. 24 hours enuf? Take care pal. :)
  23. Most electrical tape will leave a layer of black goo that will never come off- especially if it's on there for a while.

    Leica's are well known to photographers, but I'll bet 95% of the muggers around don't know a Leica from a Holga. And don't care- they'd take either and worrry about it later. I don't think I'd ever heard of a Leica till I started reading camera magazines.
  24. <<taping the logo on a camera is a lot of pretentious twaddle, harking back to Henri Cartier Bresson >>

    I think one of the beauty of in the Leica philosophy is the subtle feeling. Covering the logo or the M6 inscription is like smoking a cigar without a label. I don't like people guessing how much did the cigar cost by examining the label which I think is pretentious in nature.
  25. This thread is HILARIOUS! Thanks for a good belly laugh!
  26. This thread is HILARIOUS! Thanks for a good belly laugh! Now I'll know what to do with my Leica-H when I street shoot.
  27. Jack, 98% of thieves won't find your camera interesting.

    that being said, put a hello kitty or keropi sticker on it instead. chicks dig 'em. ymmv.
  28. Better to relabel as



    ,,,,,,, :)
  29. Why not put that yellow lab tape labeled RADIOACTIVE on the camera so that no one will dare want it.... and your people oriented street photography should have some interesting expressions as well!
  30. I suggest a "Welcome to Walmart" Smiley Face sticker on the Lens cap.
  31. I've never covered the logo on any of my Leicas. Anyone who knows Leicas knows what Leicas look like even without the tape.

    I've also noticed that the minute you put your camera to eye-level people's behavior changes. It can be a Minox and it makes no difference.

    I do find that the red dot and the "Leica" logo on the front annoying. It's advert overkill. My "Japan Special" is even worse. It has the traditional Leica logo painted on the top plate. Recently I added a 20mm external finder that says "Leica" on top of it. I took this blazing Leica to Himeji Castle Park to photograph the people viewing the sakura. What I got was absolute indifference from everyone except a friendly couple who asked if I'd like to be photographed with the castle in the background by one of my cameras. (I had a CLE and a Fuji TX-1 hanging from my neck as well.)

    Anyway, electrical tape really does leaves a lot of gunk after it. You can eventually clean it off--but what a bother.
  32. Hey Sandy ("Michael, as usual, I am waiting for the impressive round of links in your library.") Okay, pal, wait till tomorrow. The Leica safe is in my lab.
  33. 3M Scotch Photographic Tape (Pressure Sensitive, Black, Opaque); Product Code for 1"x60 yard (25.4mmx54.8m): UPC 021200-60643-4. Best tape around for taping light leaks in your Diana and Holga, too.
  34. Anyone have a picture of HCB with a taped camera? All the ones I've seen he's got a plain chrome M3 - same as any well-heeled amateur of the era.

    Many photographers DID black-tape their whole cameras in the 60's (including Nikon and Canon SLRs). In some settings it no doubt makes some sense - just as caucasian commandos blacken their faces to be less conspicuous in the dark. No point in giving a sniper a nice bright target in the moonlight, especially if it's hanging next to your heart!

    I did it myself at a time when chrome cameras were cheap and black ones expensive. I don't bother anymore. but when I did, I liked the black masking tape available in art stores. The "photo tape" is more opaque, since it has to be light-tight. Good for sealing Dianas and Holgas. But it also costs 4 times as much as plain artist's black tape, which is what I'd recommend.
  35. Why does the tape have to be black? How about some nice premium grade blue masking tape from 3M? The pretty blue color will calm and sooth potential subjects so they won't mind having their picture taken. Or not.
  36. Ahhhhhhh . . . (nostalgic sigh) The Leica Forum used to be such a good-natured, civil place. It's a good thing people started dropping in regularly to remind us what a pathetic bunch of wankers we are--otherwise, we might still be cruising along in ignorant bliss.
  37. I didnt know you Americans used the word "wanker". I always assumed we Brits had the monopoly on its use!
  38. The music composer on Buffy The Vampire Slayer is called Thomas Wanker, so I hope it's not a common term of abuse over in the US!
  39. What you really want to do is get one of those gold, oval-shaped inspection stickers that come on Japanese cameras and use it to cover the Leica logo. Ask anybody with a Nikon or a Minolta, it's almost a sure bet that the sticker is still on the camera.

    P.S. Don't forget to take off the clear plastic from the baseplate of your M6. That probably leaves a residue over time, also!
  40. anyone know of anyone who black tape their Ferrari car logos?
  41. Michael, you came through! I am speechlees, totally, completely, perfectly, entirely, absolutely and incredibly. You must be a genius. :-0 !!!!!!!!

    I am so lost for words !!!!!!!
  42. Michael, I want to let you knw that I read through ALL the posts. I have to, as an appreciation to your effort. It is amazing to see how time can sway ones opinion about the "red dot" . At one time, it is an issue for someone, later on it is not, then it is an issue again...just perfectly consistent with life.

    Thanks again for your effort. (Maybe) I will not challenge you again as I am pretty certain that I will loose. :)

    Travis: meanwhile, I want to tell you that I mask the Ferrari logo. It is very important if you want to paint it candy apple yellow, especially at 1/8 scale, super critical or the little thing won't stick to the paint.
  43. Don't know what all the cynicism to the question is about. Down here in Cackalacky everybody knows that if you don't cover the red dot (on the camera or the Leica case) you will be quickly solicited by horny male black widow spiders. Gee-whiz.
  44. Jack, I use black gaffer tape on my higher end non-Leica DSLRs. I don't like giving free advertising to companies for which I have already paid a good sum of money for their product. Similarly, I don't wear clothing or shoes with logos.
  45. I found this cautionary tale on an eBay listing today: "There are some minor marks from normal use and almost invisible tape marks where I had taped over the M7 and red Leica logo." I suspect that these "almost invisible" marks knocked a few hundred dollars of the re-sale value. Ouch!

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