What are your picks for the most beautiful SLRs?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by jdm_von_weinberg, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Leicaflex Standard, many feel this camera is ugly, but to me it is a very pretty camera.

    Leicaflex Stan.JPG
  2. The most beautiful SLR with the cleanest, uncluttered lines is a Leicaflex SL.
    The toughest, most rugged, best built...Nikon F (although I had a friend who defended himself
    against a mugger in Central Park by using his Leicaflex as a mace, camera undamaged).
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  3. [​IMG] Hasselblad 500 C, 'chrome' C 80 mm Planar, folding viewfinder with struts.
  4. Not saying Mamiya c33 are particularly beautiful but this is mine P9211064.JPG
  5. My main camera for 30 years.
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  6. From the Great Chrome Age

    Bronica s 002  art.jpg
  7. SCL


    Not a SLR (title of this thread) but an absolutely gorgeous TLR:D
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  8. I know NOT SLR only realised late last night OOOOOOOOPS
  9. I don’t have a picture handy but hands down the Nikon F2 with an MD-2. By the way Robert I had to use mine to defend against a mugger in New Orleans once. It didn’t break either and I was able to photograph him bleeding and unconscious with the same camera.

    Rick H
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  10. I always thought this was rather pretty contax main.jpg contax front.jpg
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  11. Nikon F3, hands down.
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  12. aw heck.

    Here's my recovered Exakta in red goat
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  13. When I replied back in 2007.. I noted the RTS as a contender..but likely too modern for the post!! I see that'S changed Thanks Stuart Pratt
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  14. Yikes! That hurt my eyes, JDMvW.

    Another entry: Sinar Norma. With Bino reflex finder attached, it is a SLR.
  15. retina reflex III s.jpg
    I think that my Retina Reflex is a beautiful camera. Unfortunately it is non-operational.
  16. My favourites are the Nikon F and F2 with the prism head or the F with that big block-headed F light meter, either black or chrome. Real brutalist beauty. I have none of these so unfortunately no photos to post. Also like the Leicaflex Standard, as posted above.
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  17. SCL


    People either love the design or hate it...in any case one Hell of a camera.
    Leica R8.JPG
  18. As SCL said regarding the Leica R8:
    Personally, I think it's a magnificent design, and it's one camera I still lust after. On a more humble note, the Praktica BC-series were handsome cameras, and I particularly like the BC-1 with it's soft-touch body panels.

    Pentacon Praktica BC1.jpg

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