What are your picks for the most beautiful SLRs?

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  1. I'll deviate from the ruling opinion that the plain prism is more beautiful. I am a fan of the Nikon F with the photomic finder and consider it the king of (unconventional) SLR beauty.
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    I'm coming late to the party, but here are my choices: Pentax Spotmatic, Contax RX, Leicaflax SL2, Leica R8, Olympus Pen F. If I could add a 6th it would definitely be a Nikon F. :)
  3. Minolta SR-1s:

    Minolta SR-1S.JPG
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  4. Certainly one the most handsome, in my opinion, the Exakta Varex VXIIa

    exakta-varex-iia--czj-biotar-582_21104203689_o copy.jpg
  5. Contarex Special s-l1600.jpg
  6. Some people think Brutalist architecture is beautiful.
    In the same way, this Thornton-Pickard appeals because it strips the SLR principle to its basics, and everything is on display. Combined winder and speed selector for the focal-plane shutter, combined mirror-lift and shutter trigger. Even the lens cover does double duty as a lens shade. Function defining form, with no pretence at conventional beauty.

    At the other extreme we have the sleek streamlining and simplicity of an early Pentax SV -
    Pentax SV.jpg
    Ergonomically near-perfect - for a right-handed person - and If you excuse the later addition of the not-quite so streamlined, but optically excellent Chinon lens.

    Beauty can take many forms.
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