What about grain in Provia 400F?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by leon chang, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. I'll be heading for Berlin in a few weeks time. For the trip I'll be carrying
    some Tri-x for the b&w stuff and I would also like to take a few rolls of
    Provia 400F slide- film. Since I never shot on Provia, my question is as

    How does the grain in Provia 400F compare to the grain in colour negative film
    like Portra 400NC? I know slides are extremely grainless at 100 iso or below,
    but how about Provia 400?

    Anyone had some uploads to show?
  2. Instead of looking like small clumps it looks like larger pastel blobs. Since the "grain" is lower in contrast, it will look smoother and less obtrusive. 400F is a decent film but doesn't have much latitude and is less punchy than 100F. The attached shot is doubled in size and probably not the best example to illustrate this, but all that I have handy.
  3. Leon

    If you're looking for finer grain, go with Neopan 400, over Tri-X. Much nicer & finer grain, and beautiful tonality.

  4. Leon, if you're going to shoot Provia 400F try and find the new Provia 400X. I think grain is now at 11RMS.
  5. Compared to Kodak 400NC, Provia 400F has finer grain.
  6. I was in berlin recently, and shot a couple of rolls of provia 400f while there. I'll post a few shots once i've scanned them.
  7. Okay, here's a crop. Scanned at 4000dpi with scanhancer diffuser (does nothing to reduce actual slide "grain" but gets rid of Provia bubble "pepper grain"). Slightly sharpened to restore the sharpness of the scan, and downsampled to 12 inches by 8 inches @ 300dpi which is as big as I print from 35mm.
  8. Here's a second one from the same slide, same settings, different colors to look at.

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