Weekly Post-Processing Challenge - July 19, 2015

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by kisatchie, Jul 19, 2015.

  1. Here's one that you may enjoy.
  2. Larger version
  3. Good selection, Rick.
    In PSE11, I started by slightly cropping from the left. Then, after lightening the shadows slightly, I used the spot healing brush to do some minor cleanups of distracting elements. Then I went to Silver EFEX, converting the image to b&w and then adjusting brightness, contrast, and structure. Finally, I used Color EFEX's low key filter to add finishing tonal adjustments.
  4. Curves adjustment in ACR, Color Efex to increase tonal contrast and enhance detail, Topaz Detail Enhancer for the same purpose, Perfect Effects to adjust tones, duplicated "soft light" layer, using soft brush o layer mask to erase where necessary. Lastly, slight Orton Effect applied and image cropped to 1:1 for compositional reasons.
  5. PS6 plus Analog FX2
    Curves with masks to flatten tonality.
    Dodge and burn.
    Clone out some distractions
    Blur , tone and add grain and streaks in AnalogFX2
    Gaussian blur on separate layer and selectively added in via masking.
  6. Dieter and Gordon - I like the crops you used; very effective in bringing the adult sheep to the foreground.
  7. I did not crop the file, the crop was Rick's in camera.
  8. My apology, Gordon. I now realize that the blur you used led me to think you had cropped the image.
  9. I just did not want to take credit for Rick's vision. Good to know that the blur did what I intended, which was to make the relationship between the ewe and her lamb the focus of the image.
  10. The blur works perfectly form the intended purpose, Gordon.
  11. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    My try...
  12. Interesting. What I had done was:
    Viveza to adjust darkness& add some structure
    Used Fractalius sharpen.
    Added layer to lighten lamb & darken moms hot spot on the nose.
    Highpass sharpen. Ends up more like Dieters (though not as extreme). I do like the softness Gorden gave it though.
  13. Any one for next time?
  14. I can post the next one...

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