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  1. Hi all... I had a nice time playing with two flash heads and a white fabric; I wish I had the strobes, light table and soft boxes I have at the office but... what the heck! I did it just for fun.
    I usually shoot in complete f/stop steps or speeds; in fact, I have set my camera for showing only the whole steps (f2-f2.8-f4... or 1/125, 1/250, 1/500... ). This time I noticed that there was a huge difference in "only" one EV, from f32 to f22... from slightly underexposed to clearly overexposed.
    Strong direct light at less than 3ft, flash heads at 90º, D700 @ 200ISO + 105VR, 1/125sec - f22, all camera tricks off, trial-and-error metering system, camera set on manual mode. Clearly overexposed, I did it to have a brighter background; add a bit of diffraction at f22. This is the result.
    Please feel free to post your wEekLy PiC, taken with Nikon gear.
  2. It's too hard trying to decide what bird to post!
    Anyway, I was cruising around on my private jet when I noticed on a cloud near by there were these two sparrows trying to warm up. Right away I yanked my ailerons, pulled up the elevator, made an split S and went back. Set the jet on autopilot and started shooting away. Here is the hard part. It took me like 10 minutes and 20 shots to get what I wanted. The goal was to get GOOD eye contact with both birds of curse. Finally I got lucky when another jet went by and both birds looked at 9 o'clock at the same time (Without going over the 9 o'clock mark).
    So I looked on my display, confirmed that I had the right exposure and flew home!
    It was shot with my 300 combo + TC17eII
    Sorry but I gotta go coz my nose is reaching new frontiers!
  3. As some of you may know, I was out for a walk with my son on Sunday teaching him to take pictures. He carried my D80 with the kit lens and I took the D300. I spent most of my time photographing him cause he looked like a little pro. It was quite funny! But here is one that is not of him....

    The weather was quite cold and there was a thin layer of mist hanging over the water that made this shot interesting. The sun was halfway below the horizon and cast a nice glow over things. D300 with 70-300 VR @ 300mm and f/10. Exposure was 1/160s and ISO was set at 200.
  4. More ice ... ;-)
  5. I found the first snowdrops in St Albans on Saturday - I had my FM3a and 24mm f2.8 N.C loaded with Fuji Superia 200. I know that film is deeply unfashionable these days but that is all I have I am afraid.
  6. Try again.
  7. Hi,
    got a late call to the local am-dram last week for their final dress rehearsal of 'Puss In Boots' - only had chance to grab my D80, 50mm f/1.8, SB-800 and ensure that the batteries were up to a 30 min shoot. No time to look for/pack extra flashes/gobos/snoots.
  8. Snapshot of my dad from last Sunday.
    When I was a little boy (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), he gave me an Ansco developing kit. That first foggy print came up in my first not-really-dark "darkroom," and I was hooked.
    D300, 24-70 at 70mm, ISO 1600, 1/60, f/4.
  9. I like it, Kent.
  10. Good Morning! Beautiful shots again this week! Switching gears from the northern Michigan landscape, we had family visitors this past week and it gave me a chance to try some portrait shots. This is with my D300 and a Sigma 30 mm f1.4 prime at f2, 1/80 sec, iso 200 with the little guy facing a window to the north...
  11. Sorry guys for the large file...I'm not sending this from where I can work on it.
  12. outdoor shot in a cold winter evening
  13. CCB - Lisbon, Portugal
  14. Hi all! Great shots so far, I especially like the portrait of your father, Kent!
    Saw the ice on the trees so I ran outside, despite the -22 fareheit temperature, and this is what I came up with.
  15. bmm


    Taken in Thailand last year but only recently post-processed...
  16. I figured that everybody might be getting a bit bored looking out thewindow and only seeing ice and snow...Heck Richard is even hibernating this week.I went on a cruise to Cozumel last week so I'll try to warm everybody up.Thanks to Richard I think that I might of figured out how to post my pics correctly now :^)
    Think warm thoughts only little over a month to spring 4 more months until summer.
  17. I figured that everybody might be getting a bit bored looking out the window and only seeing ice and snow...Heck Richard is even hibernating this week. I went on a cruise to Cozumel last week so I'll try to warm everybody up.
    Think warm thoughts only little over a month to spring 4 more months until summer.
    Don't forget your sunscreen or you might end up looking like this guy!
  18. I was trying for some birds last evening with my long glass, no luck so, here's my neighbor putting in some early onions...
    D200, ISO 640; 300/4 AFS w/TC-17e; 1/350s; f6.7
  19. For the Photographer . . . This is JPG version
    I can only begin to explain this photo. I took both RAW and JPG. The JPG had the moon defined and the RAW the moon was blown out. There is NO post processing except for sharpening. Time about 9:30 PM crescent moon with light stream on ice over a farmers field, Low clouds over the mountains near Camp David, Thurmont MD with the highlights of mercury vapor illumination over the mountain tops reflected by the clouds on a 6 second exposure on a Feisol tripod: F 2.8 D700 ISO 200 did I mention TRIPOD !!!!!
  20. Wow! Some really great stuff so far!
    LOL, Dennis! I feel the warmth!
    Beautiful colors from Thailand, Bernard!
    Excellent portrait shot of your dad, Kent!
    Lovely geese, Hamish! And it's very cool that you are out shooting with your son!
    Your little birds are beautiful, Rene'! I like the way that they are looking in the same direction and they are tack sharp!
    And, Jose, your dead plant shot turned out great!
    Have a good day, everyone!
  21. Who would have thought the D2H would make a wonderful hdr camera. I've printed this picture 11x14 and it looks great!
    D2H and 12-24 tokina
  22. Thanks for your comment Richard! I love your portrait. It's so sharp!

    Your's too Kent. Fantastic portrait!

    Bernard, Thailand looks nice. Great color! I've only ever been in Bangkok, but now I think I'm going to have to go back and explore some more!
  23. My great-niece
  24. Queen of the Missions - Santa Barbara Mission, shot last night, f11, 18s, ISO400
    Nikon D200, 12-24/4 DX
  25. Continuing with my new immersion into BB shots, I have pushed my D200 to ISO 1000. Lens 70-200 at 70mm. 2.8@1/125. Here one of the grandsons is airborne it what I consider to be an acceptable shot in a difficult lighting venue. I did use the SB800 for fill. I'm looking for the balance between too much graniness from too much ISO and motion blur of the subject.
  26. Having problems here. Last try.
  27. Another bird this week.
  28. One very cold bird.
  29. Another winter storm!!!!
  30. ...and the picture is...
  31. Trying to learn to love the 50 mm F1.8 Nikkor.
  32. Jose.... Have you heard of a liquid called WATER? USE IT!
    Hamish... Nice ducks! :) I have the feeling that your son took that shot and you are taking all the credits for it! Uhmm! :)
    Richard... Thank you! Believe me I was really patient but I got the shot!
    Dieter... beautiful shot! I have some shots over there from 20 years ago!
    Doug.... I love that shot! It's so sharp, the eye contact and head angle are great. The exposure is right on... BUT.... I am sorry! Just take a look at portfolio! Cheers!
    Ilkka, Kent, Bernard, Ed, Dan & Keith...... Beautiful shots!
    Good work everybody!
  33. Bernard, perhaps its some residual evil of my childhood but I'm dying to topple that stump.
  34. excellent shots everyone as per usual. here's my offering for this week.
  35. This is from my first time in San Francisco this weekend. While I was walking around Pier 39 I spotted the biggest most beautiful dog I have ever seen! Wonderful stuff everyone. Happy shooting =)
  36. Keith, Excellent Portrait,
    Dieter, nice angles and surprising exposure for a D200 to bad the moon was not co-operating
    Gary, I sooo love the warm back light at the end of the day with nature!
    Rene what were those birds inhaling Hopefully not looking for airplane engines !
  37. I love the No Words forum, but the WedNEsDAy PiC encourages me to shoot in anticipation rather than just look through my files and archives. Today's contribution is not technically adept or all that attractive, but I really had to smile watching the Red Neck Zamboni at work on Lake Louise. (Taken with ever-ready D-300/18-200 combo).
  38. René, Sssshhh! Not so loud! my son might hear you and he doesn't know I used his picture!
  39. Taken along the oregon coast.
    Nikon D700, Nikon 17-35 f/2.8
  40. This was taken in my garden, we're not used to heavy snow in England...
    D80, 18-70mm, 18mm 1/60sec @ f4, ISO 1100
  41. Peach-faced Lovebirds
    2009-02-02-riparian-lovebirds-86962.psd - Nikon D300
    2009-02-02 16:35:30 - (lens: 300mm f/4 AF-S)
    1/4000s f/5.6 - ISO-200 - 300mm (x1.5=450mm )
    Exp: Aper AE.Multi-segment. -2 step. (Flash:Yes)
    AdobeRGB - NEF(raw) - 11 MB - Daylight/5500K
    Size: 2514x1676 pixels - 35% crop
    Orig: 4288x2848 pixels - Res: 240x240dpi
  42. Robert - - what happened to your shot?
    Everybody - - wonderful submissions as always.
    Noted are: Hamish, Ilkka, Kent, Bernard, Keith, Dieter, Gary, & Jeffery....
    Well, I guess I should post one of my D700 shots as I've today had the camera for exactly one week. So here's one of the shots I've processed since the weekend...
    I may have posted this shot in another thread the other day.... I got three very intimate shots of two Pied-billed Grebes.
    OK EXIFs as always embedded.... Shot at ISO 1250 - D700 + Sigmonster 50% crop
    Hope you'll enjoy...
  43. taking a walk by the river
  44. In honor of the Superbowl, my Boxers playing with whats left of their football.
    Nikon D60 with 50mm 1.4 AF-S in Sports mode
    1/500s - F/2 Iso 560
  45. Couldn't make my mind up between these two shots, so I call this contribution "Coming and going in the snow".
    Nice clean white backdrop Jose! Do I detect the hand of the great god Adobe in there?
  46. [​IMG]
    D200, 50mm 1.8 @ f/3.2, Central Park Zoo, NY
  47. Coworker
  48. Great shots all. I really look foward to Wednesdays now. Here is a coworker.
  49. bmm


    Guys - fantastic shots, I love the beauty and diversity in this thread each week. Hamish, Gary, Ed, Gabe, Kent, Richard, Shuo - wow! - your conveyance of beautiful light in your shots really strike me this week.
    Hamish - goddamn right you should explore Thailand outside of Bangkok - its is awesome! (Bangkok is too, in its own crazy way, but the countryside is amazing). One day when I get to the folder of NEFs that I took there my gallery will be swamped with Thailand pictures, such were the colours, the landscapes, the animals (monkeys, elephants, etc) and the people there.
    The island in my shot is in Phang Na Bay in the south - kinda between Phuket and Krabi - and is the one they used for scenes in a James Bond film, I think 'the man with the golden gun'. This means that one part of the island is a tacky touristy place, but the arrival in a long-boat gave this different view which did not have all the cheezy stuff. The bay is stunning with rock caves, a couple of amazing floating muslim villages, areas of dense mangroves full of all sorts of wildlife etc. The other place we spent time was in the far north right on the Burmese border in an elephant conservation camp; totally different landscape made up of villages, rice-fields, river scenes etc. Anyway I could go on forever but it is a total mecca of a country in terms of delivering a gritty, interesting beauty.
  50. Richard`s portrait... is like his landscapes... what could I say. I`ve opened it a dozen times, on my new good screen looks near perfect. I wonder if it`s an "available light" shoot, looks like there is just a window at the photographer`s back. Very inspiring. (Actually, while writing this lines I have checked it another dozen times, too).
    I also like Dan`s presentation, his border really makes the pic to "pop".
    Do I`m seeing a portraiture tendency?
    Rodeo, my pic was deliberately overexposed. It makes the background white fabric to be mostly blown highlight, that is white without texture. I washed all the remaining dark areas with selective points in NX2. Then,"levels" were applied to darken the plant and scissors. Surely a clumsy way of working for regular photoshoppers, I think.
  51. Rene
    I keep looking at your Bird Photo and the phrase keeps popping into my head . . . Where is da plane, da plane???? Incoming!!!! :)
  52. Thank you very much Richard! I saw that morning light and knew I wouldn't get it again in awhile.
    I must say your shot of the beautiful land of Thailand simply makes one lust for such a climate! Especially after being up here in the freezing cold...your colors, especially the shades of green, as well as the composition, are truly srtriking...well done!
    Hamish -great colors and light as Bernard mentioned
    Shuo - continued nice street photography work
    Jose - I find it fun experimenting also and you certainly garnered some success here with your experimentations. Good job!
    Everyone - amazing shots this week...If I had time to compliment all I could easily do so, but let me just say this keeps getting better each week after each week and I always feel humbled after seeing the wonderful shots here.
  53. Great shots everybody with so much snow about ,Tried out a still life no flash useing a halagon desk lamp and the 50mm 1.8 lens on my D40 also tried out a Grollia pod apture was set at f6.3 1/4 sec iso 400
  54. Jose, thank you! My subject is my wife's grand nephew. He was playing on the floor and looked at me. My back was facing a large set of north facing windows on an overcast day. The light is all natural. I haven't been able to use my Sigma 30 mm f1.4 lens very much. I was really pleased with it for this shot.
  55. Not to gloat but, with it being 75-80 degrees and clear as bell the last few days here in Los Angeles, I thought I would catch an appropriate shot.
  56. Much to the chagrine of my son, his forces have been called up - they are being deployed to Iraq...
  57. Robert, I've been waiting to see your lovebirds but they won't appear:-(
  58. Great pictures! I am hesitating for my humble contribution. I was looking for a snow and it did come at this Tuesday night. A snapshot when back from work.
  59. Some great shots here! This is taken in rural Sichuan, China, 1/30/09, during the Spring Festival lunar new year holiday. The photo was taken with a D80, 50mm 1.4, ISO 320, f 3.5 @ 1/80 sec; auto white balance.[​IMG]
  60. hmmm, i don't know why my Lovebirds are not visible to you, let me attach here
    and here is a link as well: Lovebirds
  61. oh no i attached the wrong one, click the link instead, that's the file i meant to include,2 of them together, not just the attached single one...
  62. ice elephant
  63. Shot when I went to Vegas.
  64. Ed... Haha that reminds me that old show, Uhmmm! The Love Boat, was it?

    Scott... That's really cool!

    Robert.... I don't see any lovebirds either! Uhmm! Have you been drinking again? :)
  65. Rene, you can see the Lovebirds in the link. I've now seen both shots. - -
    Robert - are those wild Lovebirds or some santuary/garden?
    Lil :)
  66. Just experimenting with motion blur, panning the camera with a moving object at a slow shutter speed. In this case the horse was in constant motion, but the rider was relatively steady.
  67. Lil, thats a wonderful shot!

    Gabe, I thought it was cold here, but -22F wow! Don't you just love the wonderful light winter provides though? Thank you for your comment btw. I like your cold trees!

    Jose, I think experimenting like that is great fun. Actually the very first time I contributed to WedNEsDAy PiC (in the thread Lex closed ;-) ) I posted a picture based on the same concept. I used a desk lamp and a wall lamp, both positioned so that the front of the motive (a D80) was in shadow. The D80 was placed on a polished wooden table in front of a white wall. I blew the highlights with a long exposure and then converted it to black and white in Picasa, which I believe was the only pp I did on it. However I see that you have done a much better job than me as you have managed to preserve all the natural colors.

    By the way, it's great looking back at earlier threads to see what we were posting then. :)
  68. [​IMG] D200 70-200 VR etc...Chinese New Years Parade Downtown L.A. Eye of the Tiger
  69. Thank you, Hamish! Yes, the light in the winter is amazing. The morning, and even the evening colors that are cast can be just gorgeous. Now if they can just flip seasons and make all the beautiful weather in the summer....hey, at least it's up to -7F this morning!
    Beautiful love birds, Richard.
    Great week for photos everyone! as usual
  70. Very nice love birds, Robert! Thanks for the link!
  71. I fixed the tag on Robert's first effort. The img src tag worked okay but for some reason didn't like the width tag so I eliminated it.
    Great stuff, as always, folks. Tom K's "Ice Elephant" photo made me laugh. Good eye, Tom!
  72. a prenup shot. nikon d700 with nikkor 24-70 f/2.8
  73. Very cool shot, Nolax!
  74. Thank you Hamish,
    & Jeff that's a nice motion blur
    Great series of shots everyone.
    Lil :)
  75. Lil, the lovebirds are out in the open, freeeeeeee... they might have escaped from someone from their caged life possibly, who knows, but now they live in the "Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch" in Phoenix/Gilbert and they enjoy our current 80+ F temperatures.Seeing them becomes unpredictable because of that, they could be anywhere. At the same place we have Pied-billed Grebes too!! but they would co-operate more from behind a camo blind, they hang out at 2 ponds consistently, 3-5 of them in each.
    I don't have many pictures of the environment, but here are pictures mostly of the stars [birds] and now is the best time for pictures of them: Riparian Birds 2009
    The Lovebirds are most colorful though and I hope to see them again, but i won't be getting closer, and the 300mm on D300 is not close nough... 800mm would be a lot nicer :)
    how is the LA area for birds?
  76. Nolax,
    That shot is AWE inspiring . . . WOW!
  77. Lil,
    I live in the LA area too. Where did you shoot the grebes? The shallow focus works really well. I've been to the Sepulveda Basin, which gets golden eagles from time to time. Have you shot at Bologna Creek near Marina del Rey?
  78. here's my first wednesday pic, as i just jumped from a canon XS to a nikon D90. Shot with the kit 18-105 at f/11 1/4s ISO 200. tripod inside with blinds opened and overhead light on. please pardon that blown highlight staring at you in the face;
  79. Dan, Are they apples or pears?
  80. Is that a new kind of fruit, or do I need a new monitor? Could be irradiated apples. :) or excellent Post Processing . . . :) or does the D90 have a feature we need to blog about? :)
  81. wow. my first grade teacher would be so disappointed in me.
  82. Now this is what I call an apple shot !:)
    Josh Root liked it so much me mentioned it on the Photo Net Twitter site . . .
  83. Well Robert ,
    Lovebirds are smart - I have one who is very good at opening cage doors. For which reason all cage doors have locks. I've lost a few due to accidents. It's nice to see that they stand a chance to liv free. Where you're at they should have no problems. Since they eat seeds, as well as some insects & fruit etc they really can make it on their own - as long as they can locate food within those food groups...
    LA is great for birding. I have several locations I go to. I've also managed to get a group of people to go shooting with - very important for a little woman with a lot of equipment.
    We also have many locations which give us different species - very good cause that way I can get some variety...
    Got to love those Grebes....
    Hi Jeff -
    the Grebes were shot at Sepulveda. There's a lot of them. The had a lot of chicks last year.
    Golden Eagles at Sepulveda? When did you ever see that? WOW would I like to see that...
    Bologna Creek - - no I've not been there. What's available there?
    Hi Dan,
    and as so many people say - - Welcome to the Dark Side - - though personally I think of Nikon as the Light Side ;-) So take that as you please.....
    Nice pears..... Don't mind the guys having fun. :)
    Lil :)
  84. Dan... Nice shot but I'm really sorry for you since you just moved from Canon. Your D90 is having a major problem! Send it back to Nikon ASAP! I hope to see your fruit shots every WedNEsDAy from now on! I wonder what your pineapples look like! :)
    Seriously, welcome!
  85. Bogdan, what f-stop was used to shoot your picture?
  86. Carey, it was F11 @ 1/80 stutter speed. Now, that makes me think that the film I used here might actually be Portra 400 rather than 160... Can't confirm this right now as I don't have the films with me...
  87. Been snowing for a couple of days here at the Jersey shore ... Ray.

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