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  1. [Mod note: Just a friendly reminder to keep file sizes down to a reasonable level. Try to keep photos to not only within the pixel dimensions but to less than 300 KB each. As the Wed Pic threads become more popular it's taking up to 90 seconds to load the page even on a reasonably fast DSL connection. I don't want to start arbitrarily deleting photos but once it starts taking more than two or three minutes to load a page I may have to consider enforcing a file size limit. I'd rather keep it on the honor system. -- Thanks, LJ]
    Since I stopped my mountaneering activity my landscape shots have been reduced almost to none. I took this one thinking that I wanted to have a countryside view for the Wed PiC. I´d like to have the wisdom some landscapists have here... I´m afraid God didn`t grant me with this gift. BTW, it`s one of my favourite trails. Better if riding a Trek XC bike.
    D700 @200ISO, 14bit RAW, 50/1.8AFD, 1/250sec. - f8.
    If you like, please feel free to share your Nikon weekly pic here. For enjoyment, fun and learning. Thanks all.
  2. [​IMG]
    D300, 35mm f/2, sb-600 on camera (aimed slightly to the left, reflected off two pieces of paper, ghetto styles)
  3. On the way home from work, I was presented with this scenery. Took the tripod out of the trunk, set up the D700 and the widest lens I have (AIS 28 f/2.8) and got this picture.
    Could have been much better, but without any ND filter and the lens closed down to f/22, the maximum shutter speed was 2 seconds. I would love to have gotten the car to cross the frame from the beginning to end of the road..
  4. Something different this time - spring is in the air. D200 with Sigma 150/2.8
  5. I like how the air cleaner acts almost like a distortion lens for the scene reflected by it. I look forward to seeing everyone's pictures. Happy Wednesday!
  6. Nice shots so far! Beautiful landscape Jose.

    In contrast to my wintery picture last week I am now posting a picture that almost looks like it could have been taken on a warmer continent, but in actual fact these beautiful roe deer were out grazing in the spring sunshine, on my neighbor’s field not more than 500m from my own front door. I was sitting on the rocks at the edge of the fjord determined to get a good shot of one of the many birds that were there when, panning through my viewfinder at 300mm I spotted 6 or 7 of these guys. I then tried to get as close as I could without being seen, using some trees near the waters edge as cover. I got about 200m from them before they reacted and darted gracefully up the field to the forest behind the ridge. I had about 10 seconds to make the shot before they were gone.
    D300 with 70-300VR @ 280mm, ISO 320, 1/800s, f9 (approx. 75% crop of original image).
  7. I'm back from the dentist! It was fun! The anesthesia doesn't work on me... I think they use a very wimpy one here in Japan. The dentist says that my roots are too long! I wonder what kind of ........ is that!? Same goes with the cold medicine. I gotta drink like 4 tablets instead of 2 like I used to in the US. I think Japanese people are weaker when it comes to medicine and alcohol.
    Nice shots everyone! Looks like another great WedNEsDAy thread!
    Anyway...... a Green Pheasant! I saw this guy very close to the road way. So I drove around and stopped my car to see if I was able to get him. It took me around 1 hour but I finally got a few decent shots. In Japan we call this specie "NIPPON KIJI" where "KIJI" means Pheasant and "NIPPON" Japan. Sine I don't know much about Pheasants I am wondering if these guys are found only in Japan. We have many other varieties here. Maybe someone can give some info about them.
  8. jvf


    I must admit this pic was taken last wednesday, but was'nt able to deliver.
  9. Some very inspiring photos already - looks like it will be another great Wednesday. Well, for my entry I show Edlesborough church. I was on a walk and the clouds were scudding past at a great rate. Every now and then the church would light up and stand out against the landscape and I set up my camera ready for one of these moments. I used my Pronea S with the 28-200mm ED zoom, filmstock being Nexia 400.
  10. No hummingbirds showed up at the bird feeder the other day. So I decided to experiment with the old non-AI'd, pre-ED 180/2.8 Nikkor on the D2H. Being non-AI'd I had to use the M2 extension tube to avoid damaging the AI tab. Makes a nice closeup lens. Very sharp wide open.
  11. Nice shots everyone..., as always. Hamish, what a wonderfull place to live. Hooray for the internet ! I just receive my Kenko extension tubes...They are great.
  12. Jose, i like your picture because you captured many elements in one shot. mountains, valley, down hill trail, etc.
    Hamish, i like the running deers. very beautiful.
    Jens, what city is that? i was so surprise to see a place without cars. the houses surrounded by water looks so beautiful.
    this a portrait of my mother. thank you.
  13. The retired cranes in the harbour of Antwerp.
  14. Nice Bart!
    Here is mine for the week. Taken on a lunchbreak from work. D80, Sigma 10-20mm @20mm, f6.3, 1/100
    Is it Fate?
  15. This is one of our adopted, retired racing greyhounds. On the form that came with him from the Daytona Beach Kennel Club it says: "Reason for non-racing status: No good." He may have washed out as a racer, but he's a superstar pet. And the rabbits in the back yard think he's plenty fast enough.
    D300, 60mm f/2.8 AF Micro Nikkor, ISO 200, 1/250 at f/18, 200 watt-second Speedotron head in silver umbrella on left, white card on right for fill.
  16. Clever, Shawn. Good eye.
  17. He is lovely Kent. I had a retired greyhound myself before, she was a super dog. Really gentle dogs.
  18. Good Morning! Wow, lots of great shots already! Here is a bird that I was trying to get when the squirrel bothered me last week. It's with a D300 at f7.1, 1/640 sec, iso 200, 340 mm with the Nikkor 80-400mm zoom.
  19. Here's one from this week
  20. You're right Shawn. They're quiet, sweet, and gentle. Sometimes called the "40 mph couch potates."
  21. Foggy morning in Nile Delta
  22. Hamish - nice deer
    Rene - beautiful pheasent.
    Jens - nice shot of Venice
    Erik - nice street shot as usual.
    Here's my shot. Taken of the judges at a local talent show.
  23. Not a spectacular shot, but taken with my d80 and my "new" Sigma 100-300mm f/4. So far I am pleased with the lens, especially finding it used in like new condition for just over $700!
  24. Great stuff again.
    Just got back my 18-200 from Nikon. They replaced a part to fix the zoom creepies. Wanted to test it out but also was curious about which noise reduction works better, NX2 or Noiseware.
    Took this photo inside, no flash, ISO 1600. Noise was very obvious. For me, Noiseware did a better job but I admit I don't understand all the little things about how to make noise adjustments in NX2. Much to learn........
  25. I apologize for the useless HUGE size of my file... thanks Lex for the reminder. I forgot to check it after converting the .TIFF file.
    I don`t want to add even more work to our moderators but perhaps it could be of any help if the original pic is replaced with the one below (482x640 - 236Kb). If not, I suppose this post can be easily deleted.
  26. From a trip to the Wright Brothers monument last Friday.
  27. Thanks Jose, for pointing that out. I was also in a hurry this morning and didn't read the note from Lex until now. Sorry for the large file, Lex. I'm not able to replace it from work.
  28. Again, great shots. This was taken of one of my students. I teach Religion and Social Studies and have a club teaching phototgraphy. She has my D80 with 70 - 300 G lens.
  29. We should publish a book featuring the best of the Wednesday Pics....Once again many stunning entries.
    Mine is from a couple of days ago when we had a rainy spring day. We received over 2 inches of rain which is a lot for us in Chicago. Everything was soaked including this cardinal who saught shelter in a backyard pine tree. He was so wet that his crown wouldn't stand up.
    Good luck to all....see you next week.
    D3 300mm with TC 17-E tele
  30. Trying out my new AF-S VR 105mm F/2.8 with a D60.
    Shot at night in my front yard with flash using mt other new item, Gary Fong Puffer.
    Didn't see the extra visitor until reviewing the photos.
  31. From this past weekend
  32. The orchids are blooming at our house. I think this is a tiger stripe Phalaenopsis. D700 with Tokina 100/2.8 macro, 1/200s, f/16. ISO 2000, matrix metered.
  33. Maze
    D200 @ ISO100; 60 Micro @ f13.
  34. Another fine crop of pics. It's still below freezing overnight in Connecticut, but we have a promise of getting into the 60s today. Then perhaps we can at last "wash this filthy witness from our hands."
  35. Wow great image Ikka!
  36. Ups, I didn't get it quite right.
  37. Shot last night. I was waiting for the sun to reflect off the mountains that are to the east. This didn't happen, so I settled for a shot of the house with the sun setting behind.
  38. Great shots guys! What do you think of this one?
  39. Hello All. Some pretty original work so far. This is my niece Jocelyn, the newest addition to our family. My sister's first child; I think she did a pretty good job. Taken with a D300 and 24-70 2.8 on the second day of her life "on the outside." She was born last Wednesday, I think its an omen that she is destin to be the subject of many more images...
  40. [​IMG]
    Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington. D700 with Tamron 17-35mm 2.8-4.
  41. Just a test photo. I'm testing new to me but old (circa 1963) Enna Lithagon 28mm f3.5 converted to F mount. My testing is focused mainly at UV spectrum. Bellow one of the test pictures.
  42. Here's my entry. I was driving on some Mexico highway the other day, found this sort of roadhouse where it seems somebody had a rough time. The place looks abandoned, but it isn't. Later I found out it opens at night.
    Shot with Nikon F4, 70-210 AI zoom, Kodak 125PX.
  43. Here's my weekly Opal picture. At the playground next to the public library
  44. Emilio nice shot. good eye
  45. I had to pull over on my way out of town last week and take a few photos of the reflections of the mountains in the first melted out section of Blue Mesa Reservoir. Walking around I found these old dead plants that seemed like surreal monoliths around the lake shore.
    E-510 - 14mm - 1/160s - f8 - ISO 100
  46. I have to say Kent's image made my day. Lots of great images this week. Spring is comming slowly here in NH.
  47. Went to a wildlife viewing area a few days ago to try my hand at some bird pictures. While on the boardwalk I noticed this father and daughter as they passed me, Heard the excitement in the little girl's voice, and couldn't resist a quick grab shot of them holding hands. Taken with D700 hand held, 70-300 VR zoom lens.
  48. matches, Nikkor 50mm f1.8 AIS (0.6 close focus) at f1.8, 1/15th handheld
  49. ---
    always love these wednesday series, and decided to put something up. thank you for all the great photos.
  50. great shots again everyone.
    hamish, i would love to have deer on my doorstep. great shot.
    kent, great looking dog.
    emilio, great find.
    my shot this week is of the organ in st georges hall in liverpool. i was quite suprised when i asked the security guard if he would let me in to photograph it and he said yes. it is a hdr photo. five bracketed shots and processed in photomatix. d200, sigma 10-20mm.
  51. Spent the weekend in Miami visiting my aunt and newborn baby cousin. Shot this one while walking around by the bay and little marina. Sunset, not sunrise.
  52. Shawn, gr8!
    Brad, like your car shot!
    Bogdan, beautiful!
    Ilkka, I do some concert photography and know how hard it is. That´s a great shot!
    This one is from saturday night. Thats Laphroaigh...
  53. Sorry, let me try that again...
  54. Hi,
    just got my D80 back after a serious sensor clean of some gunky oil that me and the blower brush couldn't deal with. So up to the 13th floor of the newly built hotel at the bottom of Sheffield city centre with the circular polariser. No good as the glass window threw up too many reflections. So instead took my first ever IR pix. Hooray for chimping! This is the best of them - 3 seonds at f/2.8. Nikon 24-70.
  55. (blragh, double post, silly forum software)
  56. Still waiting for spring here :(
    Melting ice is as close as we've gotten so far.
    D40, 55-200 VR @ 200mm, f/13, 1/200, ISO 200, Aperture Priority
  57. Airplane outside 94th Areo Squadron restaurant @ former Palwaukee airport in Wheeling, IL
  58. Testing out a new lens.
  59. Upper Antelope Canyon, Navajo Nation, Page Arizona.
    Nik[​IMG]on D200 with a Nikkor 10.5mm f/5@10.5mm 1.6s ISO 800
  60. 13/03/2009
  61. OK, home from work, time to look at today's offerings...
    Nina, I love your sandwich!
    Dieter, beautiful departure!
    Trevor, very cool shot!
    Rene', really interesting bird! And a very sharp shot!
    Hamish, beautiful wildlife shot
    Lex, tremendously sharp!
    Will continue...dinner is ready.
  62. Hello all.
    Bart, I love old harbour cranes. Rene, Richard, Travis, John - I'm always impressed by good bird-pictures.
    I don't have the patience to capture another bird as a gull in the harbour.
    Below is the first shot with my newly F-mount converted Summicron-R 90 that I really like.
    D700, Iso 3200, 1/125sec @ 5.6 more or less - no exif because of stop-down-metering.
    Please excuse my crappy english, georg.
  63. D700, 50mm f/1.4, drinking sangria in the middle of the night with a friend on a balcony
  64. I believe this bird is a Flicker of some kind. Image taken with D300 and 200-400mm lens ISO 1000 @f4 1/200 sec
    Wayne Wrights
  65. Sorry I missed posting last week, but I did look at everyone's wonderful contributions! My family and I ventured to Colorado for vacation this week and I'm enjoying getting out and experimenting. Here's a shot where I was playing around with shutter speed....would love some feedback. TIA.
  66. Still pondering and enjoying the amazing shots here...
    Shawn, F8...really amazing observation!
    Kent, very nice portrait of a beautiful dog.
    Brad, cool fin!
    Bogdan, superb foggy Nile image!
    John, the Cardinal looks miserable...nice shot!
    Doug, great orchid!
    Ilkka, classy club shot...excellent!
    Colin, a real classic, a shot for the ages...sincerely!
    Dave, beautiful reflections!
    Gary, another grand HDR shot...excellent!
    Elliot, I'm impressed with the Bigma!
    George, for this thread, you take the prize! A truly enchanting image!
    Yurii, dreamy and gorgeous!
    Wayne, superb color and focus for the Flicker!
    And many other wonderful images, thank you all for sharing...another fun Wednesday!
    Thanks, Jose!
  67. Looking good everyone. Here's an off the cuff shot Friday at the 10th Anniversary meeting of the FileMaker Developers in Southern California (FMDiSC).
  68. Hi, everybody, I am running late tonight.[​IMG]
    D300, 50/1.8.
  69. A little v-ball action over the weekend
  70. Wow, lots of great stuff again.
    I just got my 18-200 back from Nikon. They fixed the zoom creepies so I wanted to try it out, but something a little different. I was curious about noise reduction so chased down my favorite subject.
    The only light was coming from the side so I knew it would require ISO 1600. Racked the lens out to 200mm, stopped down to max aperture (f/5.6), and fired away without flash at 1/10.
    I tried both NX2 and Noiseware to get rid of the noise. For me, Noiseware worked better but it might be because I don't know enough about NX2 and using control points for noise reduction. Maybe NX2 is actually better, especially if you only want local noise reduction.....
  71. I thought this was a neat tea-shirt. This was taken with my F100 and a 35 f2 AFD lens. The film was Fuji Reala 100.
  72. I thought this was a neat tea-shirt. This was taken with my F100 and a 35 f2 AFD lens. The film was Fuji Reala 100.
  73. One from the archives. When I arrived the weather was completely clear. The fog swallowed up the entire bridge in about 20 minutes. I felt sorry for the boaters and para-sailors who were out on the water in droves that day.

    Nikon D200, 17-55 mm f/2.8, ISO 100, Direct sunlight WB
    Exposed for color, not for bits.
  74. Just a few hours ago (Wednesday afternoon about 5 pm). Nikon D300 w/18-200mm Nikkor zoom.
  75. A building at the former US Army base at Ford Ord, Ca.
  76. I seem to be a hour late... But it's still Wednesday in parts of the world.
    I really wished that I would have a image made with the new 35 posted here. But the DOA situation really turned me off.
    *D300 (I typed D400 below by accident...)
  77. Wonderful shots this week everyone. I enjoy this post so much. I really like how it spans the age, experience, and equipment range. From witty and creative to thoughtful and serious. It is wonderful to see people so inspired to take a closer look at the world around them. Thank you all for your awesome images! Keep taking wonderful pictures and keep having fun! See you all next Wednesday =)
  78. Wonderful selection again forum. Most noted for me are....
    Jose's landscape
    Dieter's flower
    Hamish's deer
    Rene's pheasant
    Jens' Venice - the city on the water....
    Hideyuki - beautiful portrait of your mother. :)
    Kent - beautiful dog
    Richard - lovely Nuthatch
    Brad - got to love that shot.
    Bogdan - lovely shot from Egypt
    Kevin - love the shot of the rose - just beautiful rose
    Jon - love the cat shot & the pp job on it
    Ilkka - Neat shot - got to love it :)
    Jonathan - congratulation to the family addition, your niece is a natural - you will get many photo ops I'm sure.
    Bruce - got to love the classic dog pose.
    Dan - beautiful shot
    OK - it's minutes before midnight..... I had the opportunity with a friend to get a photo op with a captive American Kestrel Saturday. We took it. This little male was found on the street & someone put him in a cage & fed him bird seed. Luckily someone found out & he ended up in the hands of a rescue organization. Due to reasons this guy can not be released. I believe he was so young when he was found he'd not learned to hunt. But he was a wonderful subject. Problem was, the hand which held him was moving a lot so I was lucky I got some nice shots.
    Shot with the D700 & the 300mm AF-S f/4 EXIFs embedded as always...
    Lil :)
  79. Lots in the top ten this week! These are the ones that appealed to me most:
    Jose Angel
    Dieter Schaefer
    Jens Frederiksen
    Lex Jenkins
    Paul B.
    Kent Shafer
    Doug Santo
    Dave Lee
    Erica Cooper
    Elliot Bernstein
    Georg S (image of the week)
    Wayne Wrights (for great OOF)
    Nick Doronin
    Steve Kasper
    Lil Judd
    And many other good ones.
  80. Shuo, I was going to ask you how you got your hands on a D400:)
    But, I see you corrected that.
    Beautiful Kestrel, Lil!
  81. Green 25th floor on John Hancock in celebration of St. Patrick's Day
  82. Lil, from the look in that kestrels eyes it seems like he would know exactly what to do in the wild! Nice shot.
    Dave S. Striking!
    Dan P powerful image!
    Richard, great closeup of the nuthatch. We have a lot of them at our feeder as well. They love nuts!
    Kent, Lip smackin good shot!
    Shawn, Great f8!
    Dieter, one of my favorites this week!
    Good job by all. Thanks for sharing.
  83. Lil,

    Very cool!

    Kent, looks like a nice dog. Makes me want to get one!
  84. In the bathtub...
  85. Thank you Alastair & Richard -
    Hi John, he was very intent. But his handler/falconer was scanning the sky the whole time to make sure the Cooper's did not pounce on the little Kestrel. I was told that they had to close up the office door as the Cooper's would fly in to the office & try to get the Kestrels in there. They actually did battle over one of the Kestrels one time. It was on a long leash to practice its flying when a Cooper's came & wanted to make it dinner.... But due to the leash they could save the kestrel.
    Thank you Keith
    Johannes - what a lovely bathtub shot. :)
    Lil :)
  86. bms


    Lovely shots here! Here is the a photo from the 2nd dance event at the local high school (first one was last week, see week #11). Those girls can jump!
  87. White crocuses in gelled flashlight ...
  88. The quality of shots on ths thread is awesome. So many great captures. It's getting much warmer at the Jersey Shore as it was on Tuesday ... Ray.
    Just a few favorites:
    John ... stunning cardinal
    George S ... great shot at 3200.
    Dan South ... just gorgeous.
    Lil Judd ... amazing colors on the kestrel.
    Benjamin ... super shot under those conditions.
  89. Ray, excellent mood!
  90. Hey Ray,
    Thanks for the compliment! I saw your photo and thought the light looked familiar. I'm in Jersey, too! Let's hope for some clear days. Too much haze lately!
    Thanks again!
  91. Great shots, everyone! Here are some that caught my eye:
    Sanford's fisherman - great expression!
    Fab's Homeland Security T-shirt - gave me a good chuckle!
    Steve K's Volleyball shot - D700 high-ISO power in action!
    Michael K's bread - made me HUNGRY!
    GeorgS, model cars - great color and amazing composition!
    Gary's pipe organ - sublime colors as usual!
    Emilio's dusty car - excellent sense of place!
    Colin's girl with umbrella - an excellent portrait, lots of personality!
    Ilkka's singer - love the blue! (thought it was Bono at first)
    Dan Brown's maze - nostalgic! (I had that toy!)
    Jose's camera student - always shoot THEM before they can shoot YOU!
    Dan Park's monument - excellent mood!
    Gabe's judges - love the warm lighting and the Rembrandt-like exposure!
    Brad's 1950's car - Cool, Daddy-O!
    Alastair's college - excellent saturation!
    Kent's dog - love the eyes and the tongue!
    Bart's harbour cranes - I love this shot in so many ways! Brilliant!
    Lex's macro shot - love the RED!
    Nina's sandwich - Wow, that's a lot of veggies!
  92. My first foray into night photography after getting my new tripod last week.
  93. I have been looking a the whole thread a lot of times trying to choose my favourite pic but found this task almost impossible. Many good pics, I cannot select one of them.
    Sometimes I like one, another times a very different one... probably I`d take the one from Shawn McFarlane, "Fate", just to be hanged in my office. It fits my style of photography.
    Thanks to Hamish, Hydeyuki (btw, I like your pic, too), Lil and Alastair for your compliments. Great pics, everyone..
  94. JOSE.... Don't even try it! That is such a difficult task. I think we all have different styles and every single shot is great. Some times I try to compliment some members but the thread now gets too long that when I get to the bottom of it I have lost count of all the shots. I think it is just easier to grab a beer, relax and enjoy every single shot! :)
    EVERYBODY..... Thank you to those who liked my pheasant shot and also to those who liked my son's shot (HIDEYUKI). He doesn't talk much. He just want to put his picture here. And thank you for participating in this thread. I really enjoy it!
    Next.... What should we do about JOSE ANGEL? He should be penalized! :) He posted such a HUGE picture TWICE as big as he should... and then he posted again! I think he shouldn't be aloud to look at the WeDNesDaY PiC threads for ... uhmm!? Let's say a year! :)
    Great work everybody! Cheers!
  95. Nah, Rene, let's not make a big deal about an isolated unintentional incident. I've occasionally uploaded the wrong version of a JPEG, an easy mistake since when preparing JPEGs for the web I usually make two versions, a larger, hi-rez version for my portfolio and another smaller, more compressed version for forum displays.
    Unfortunately forum admin software doesn't allow me to swap out versions of photos, but it's not a big deal.
  96. Lex... Uhmmm! you are right! Only 6 months then! :)
    You guys know I'm just joking, right? Well, I hope so! Cheers!
  97. Jose, thanks very much :)
  98. This is from my D700 + Tamron 28-75 2.8 (now sold and replaced with Nikon 24-85 2.8-4)
  99. Hmm I tried to insert an image using the link to already uploaded pic on Didn't work. Let me try again.....
    Still not working....???!??![​IMG]
  100. @Captain Jack: Maybe this helps...
    (Copyrighted by Captain Jack)
  101. Since we've already begun a new WedNEsDAy PiC #13 thread let's close this one rather than continue to add to it a week later.

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