Wednesday Landscapes, 5 May 2021

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  1. Too much empty space on top. Looking at both again, I am inclined to crop a little less than what Glenn did - just take a little more than half off the top of the image. Why have almost 1/4 of the image filled with nothing? I would rather like to see a bit more of the foreground.
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  2. Breathing room?

    Negative space?

    LINK? [This may or may not pertain for you to this particular photo. I understand it might not. But, in a lot of cases, there can be something said for swaths of a photo filled with nothing, which actually isn't usually nothing at all.]
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  3. And sometimes it's just a distraction.
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  4. Absolutely. You had asked why 1/4 of a photo might be filled with nothing and I thought the article provided some answers to that specific question. The caveat I also provided was that it might not work for you in this case. I did understand both your question and your opinion of the photo.
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  5. I think distracting, along with interesting and boring, is among the most overused adjectives in comments about a photo.
  6. Grand Prismatic Spring Shoreline, Yellowstone NP

  7. Thanks for the comments, Sam and Dieter.

    I can think of both the sky and the dark foreground wheat field as negative spaces that provide space around the central third of my photo, which, I think, is where the main subjects and interest lies. So, if I crop the sky in the first image just a little more, so that the sky area is similar to the foreground area, I think that the photo appears more balanced. I agree that I overdid the crop in my second version.

    The photo was taken on a beautiful sunny morning following a day of rain, producing the fog. My memory of the scene was one of peace and tranquility, rather than drama, hence my desire for balance.
  8. Western North Carolina

  9. Hot Springs, Yelllowstone N.P.

  10. My shot is the gleniff horseshoe in Sligo- just the other side of the hill from Ed’s shot of Ben bulben

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