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Discussion in 'Sports' started by rayt, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. This an image that has been "gumped" (photoshopped) combining several images into one image. The image is of a wakeboarder doing a wake to wake jump.
  2. Nice composite. At this rez, I don't see any halos or other artifacts. How did you do your selection / masking?
    BTW & FWIW, when I hear the term, "gumped", I, and most of the people who voted on it, think of the 1st meaning listed in:
    Tom M
  3. There was no masking involved. I used layers. I started with the first image (the boarder on the left) and layered the second image over that. I then erased most of that layer leaving mostly the boarder. I then lined up reference points in the background. I repeated this process for the entire image all the images that I had.
    The sequence is that of an entire jump sequence, not multiple jumps. The camera was pointed towards the back of the boat down the center of the wake. The camera was not panned during the jump. This allowed the reference points and the proper positioning of the boarder.
    And I tend to think of "Gumping" as creating something that did not, or cannot exist. As was done in the Forrest Gump movie.
  4. Ahh. Thanks for the detailed info.
    Not that it really matters, but FYI, erasing is equivalent to painting black in a layer mask that is otherwise white. The huge advantage that layer masks have over erasing is that masking is completely reversible, tweakable long after many brushstrokes have been applied, etc. You might want to give it a try. I haven't erased anything in Photoshop in probably 10 years, ie, shortly after PS first introduced layer masks.
    Anyway, that was really a great job, whichever method you used.
    Best regards,
    Tom M
  5. Thanks for the hint Tom. I will look into layer masks.

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