W/NW Steel Wheel

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  1. Shot with M6TTL and Summicron 35mm Asph at F4 (I think) Although sharp I don't like the Bokeh much... It was shot with Efke 25 at 25 and developed in Neofin
  2. Bodie Ghost Town, CA.
  3. 3G, 5cm Elmar
  4. Hi Everyone, I took this a couple of weeks ago at Braunston Marina on the Grand Union Canal - England. Best regards Dave Thrower
  5. Different sort of steel wheel....
  6. At a scrap yard
  7. Taken with a camera and lense at f8

    Hey Allen, That is one of the best things I have ever heard said on this forum.... Thanks
  8. I suspect that the locomotive and cannon wheels above are cast iron rather than steel.

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