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  1. Year end/beginning almost here. Just the right time to post your favorite photo. Some believe that Winter is a time (for us in the Northern Hemisphere) where life turns inward to nurture deep roots. This makes things sometimes difficult for us humans as this is also the holiday season for many and requires an external focus to get everything done. So here's a quiet, still, moment from a rainy early morning in Alameda (CA). [​IMG]
  2. Bought a beautiful rose from this guy for my wife for her birthday.
  3. Tube station, London... x100
  4. Shot last Sunday. M2, 75mm Summilux at f1.4. Fuji Acros.
  5. Shot through grated window, had to crop due to last frame on the roll,#37, got slightly damaged by clamp when drying negatives.
    Just happened to be my favorite in the roll.
  6. M3, 50mm Summicron f/2, Portra VC 160
  7. E-PL1s + Nikon S to m4/3 adapter + Nikon "C" 85/2. A wall in Tokushima, Shikoku, Japan. Undisturbed in the 20 some years that I have seen it.
  8. Statue & Beads
  9. Should there not be a separate section for cameras which are neither Leicas nor RFDRs and which do not fit elsewhere either? Maybe this matter has been discussed earlier: but I found nothing in a quick search.
    Good picture, Richard G.
  10. Lower Broadway, New York City
  11. Sammy. He's 15 years old, has arthritis and sleeps a lot but he still has it. Canon 5D Mark II w 90mm Elmarit-R.
  12. Mukul, in defense of Lumix on the Rangefinder Forum. It has always been my understanding that this forum is for "rangefinder type" cameras. Also, Panasonic probable produces more Leica branded cameras & lenses in one day than Leica produced in its entire history. Leica would no doubt have gone out of business long ago if not for the income generated from their association with Panasonic. Except for Canon & Nikon, many camera companies owe their existence to electronic companies. They are, after all, electronic imaging devices.
  13. Thanks very much Mukul. I remember Soren used to post beautiful shots with his 'Vario-Elmar' and some of the best we
    see here are with a Canon 5dMkII. The Hexar is not a rangefinder but its size and fixed focal length are very much range-
    finder-like. We see certain types of picture here, never, especially now, the sort of extraordinary wild-life on the Nikon
    Wednesday Pic. Some of us post here every week and mostly but not always rangefinder shots. It's sometimes a long
    time between threads. I wouldn't want to see even one regular or new poster drop away. Interestingly the Nikon Weds pic
    is open to any shot with Nikon contribution, even just the scanner. I think Lex drew the line at a filter as the only Nikon
    component. (I don't have any filter, much less a Leica, on my Hexar.) The Pansonics are well in here by that thinking.
  14. I almost forgot the most important thing - one time at Pebble Beach someone looked at GF1 and asked "Hey, is that a Leica!?".
  15. Mukul, I think it's better to be inclusive, I consider myself primarily a Leica photographer, though I also shoot an E-P2 with Leica,
    Voigtlander and oher brand legacy lenses and sometimes the amazing Panasonic 20mm f1.7. I try to shoot something new every week and enjoy taking my various cameras out to play, so none of them feels neglected. I know that my rangefinder work is not in line with most others idea of RF subject matter, but this is the forum I feel afinity for. My "home," if you will, where I can be the odd relative and still feel welcome, because I share the same love for the expressive power of a special class of lenses and a type of camera that fosters spontenaety and asks us to imagine what an actual image might be compared to how we experience it in our viewfinders. Better to cherish these gifts others are willing to share and welcome them as honored guests at our weekly banquet.
  16. Excellent response, Charlie, and thank you.
  17. Canon P, Canon LTM 35mm f/2, Fuji Superia 400
    At least a picture of a Leica, LOL! The times are changing, cameras are changing, we should embrace change. We that still like the traditional can still post and we can all enjoy the bounty of pictures. Rangefinders, rangefinder-hybrids, rangefinder-like...it's all good.
  18. London Tube users are not looking forward to next year's Olympics!
  19. He wants the keys
  20. Very fine profile portrait Louis.
  21. "Small Town Main Street"
    M9, Noctilux, iso 2000, 1/125 at f1
  22. Canon P, Yashinon 50mm/1.8, HP5+
  23. I made a mistake - I don't know what - but can't correct it. Could someone kindly explain what is meant by " back up your browser"
  24. Christmas at the Cabin, Red Top Mountain State Park near Cartersville, Georgia, USA.
  25. Let me try this again:
  26. Last try, honest:
  27. Thanks, Richard!
  28. MP, 35mm 'lux, RVP
  29. From first roll through newly acquired M6.
  30. Another from the same roll.
  31. Just don't try it
  32. Dayton, who are the musicians, am I seeing pipes there?

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